I know the annual calendar has turned from Winter to Spring, but someone forgot to notify the weather!

“April showers bring May flowers,” but we are not having showers, we are having TORRENTIAL DOWNPOURS!

I know that we all live in different states and countries, but I live in “Sunny California!”

You can not prove that by me! We have experienced torrential rains for the better part of this winter. We have experienced flooding with closed roads, ruined highways, even the closure of one of our favorite bakery cafe’s, all due to the torrential rains in our area. The flood damage was so severe that they could not redeem their bakery!

We have witnessed the rains pouring down with such strength and with little or no pause for days on end, causing damage to our church building and filling one of our nearby churches with over 6 feet of water as the Russian River rose to alarming heights!

Now it is finally Spring and yesterday was April 1st, but I see no signs of those “showers bringing flowers!” It is forecast to rain all week long again! I am seriously considering living in a boat. I could get to places a whole lot easier!

I don’t know about you, but I have had a little too much WINTER! That is a HUGE statement coming from me!  I am a Winter Lovin’ Gal!  I am not complaining about the massive amount of snow in the mountains! Nor am I denying the blessing of the rain and water reserve that we desperately needed, but for some reason this “WINTER” seemed to seep into my soul. The cold, dry, damp mornings seemed to be accompanied by a chill in my spirit.

It is a hard condition to describe because it is foreign to me. I get up with a joyful anticipation of the day and what it will hold normally. I approach most days with high energy and drive to accomplish what lies ahead of me. In the Winter, which I love, it offers me the opportunity to slow down a bit, stay in bed a little longer while I wait for the sunlight to make it’s way to the new day. I wear warmer jammies and sip my morning coffee a bit more slowly as I spend chilly mornings wrapped in a cozy blanket with God and His Word.

Winter is a good time in our lives, a necessary time when we are prompted by the colder weather, later mornings and earlier evenings, to slow down and recharge. I love the winter and the opportunity it affords me spiritually, but this “winter” in my life has lasted too long!

I have grown a bit too sluggish. I have felt the pressure of life and it’s responsibilities pressing in on me and causing doubt and frustration. My Winter has turned into frost in my spirit and has threatened to become a routine instead of a recharging.

In Hosea it speaks about God coming to us as we draw near to Him. It uses the metaphor of rain, both the Winter rain and the Spring rain. There is a need for both.

Let us acknowledge the Lord; let us press on to acknowledge Him. As surely as the sun rises, He will appear; He will come to us like the winter rains, like the spring rains that water the earth.”                                                               Hosea 6:3

I am in need of God’s “rain” on my spirit. I need it in the winter when I quiet my spirit to meet with Him for recharge. I also need it in the spring when I am ready for renewal in my spirit. If for some reason I need a longer winter rain from God, who am I to argue? I know I need Him Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall!

My prayer now is that my spirit will accept the recharge of God’s pouring out His torrential rains on my spirit this winter, so that I may enjoy the showers of spring rain He has in store for me this next season.

The dictionary definition of showers, as a noun is; “A brief fall of rain.”

However, when used as a verb, the definition is; “to bestow liberally or lavishly.”

That is exactly what I need spiritually!

God knows what we need friends. He knows if we need a torrential downpour in our spirits, or a brief fall of rain! But regardless, I ALWAYS desire the active participation of God in my life to “bestow Himself lavishly” on my spirit!

Finally, when the word “showers” is used as an adjective it is defined as “well-showered.”

Maybe, like me, your “winter season” has lasted a bit too long. Maybe you are looking toward the beautiful, light April showers that bring those “brief falls of rain,” which cause our spirits to bloom with renewal!

Or maybe you are just sick and tired of wearing your rain boots and opening up your umbrellas! Either way, we have the opportunity to allow each and every season to recharge us and renew in us a right and good spirit that God can use for His glory and purposes.

Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.”    Psalm 51:10




So, Happy Spring! May you feel God’s refreshment as He recharges and renews you!

Speak Truth Love

2 thoughts on “IS IT SPRING YET?

  1. Rain, Rain, and more Rain!!! I’m with you Lis…I am digging deep to feel some Spring:) in my step mostly! Asking God to clear the fog in my head and rain His renewal down on me!!! I love you🥰

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