If LOVE comes from God, and if we LOVE God and know God, then why can it be so difficult to feel loved or love others at times?

We either find ourselves post ‘Valentine’s Day,’ with the feeling of ‘elation’ because we felt the love from those in our lives on that day, or we feel ‘deflated’, because we did not “feel the love.”

Could the answer be that we love God and we want His love for us, while at the same time we are loving the world?  I am not placing any accusation on anyone else but myself, but I believe that the question deserves to be asked.

I can only speak for myself on this subject. I know that for me, I always set myself up for the possibility of feeling “deflated,” because I put feeling and emotion into showing love to my friends and family, and that can too easily, set me up for disappointment and ultimate deflation!

There are people in this world that are true gifts from God. They encourage us, they build us up and they love us for who we are, and they make us feel loved much of the time.

But, let’s get real, they are only human!  

They are going to let us down, they are bound to disappoint. They are going to have good days and bad days, and they are at times going to act down right selfish. After all, they are only human. They will leave us at times feeling “Deflated,” not loved.

How do I know this is true? How can I write this truth and say it to you? Because I am human! As much as I love my family and friends, and NEVER want to deflate them, I do.

As much as my desire is to pour love and encouragement into my family and friends and make them “elated,” the truth is, I am only human and much of the time I let them down.

As great as my desire is to love God first and love others next, I too often allow the world to get mixed up in it! I am human, and I need the supernatural love of God to be my primary source of love. Then and only then, will I feel truly loved and have that love inside of me to give away to others!

Then and only then is when we will truly LOVE others!

The Word of God speaks to this TRUTH.


The type of LOVE the world offers will never satisfy what we truly long for. Neither will it produce the kind of LOVE we are to demonstrate to others!

Only the Love of God can do that!



When we love the world we cannot love others with the love of God.

Don’t give up on Valentine’s Day friends, or on the LOVE month of February. Just draw from the only source of True Love so that you can give it out freely and unconditionally to others. Ask God to help you sift through the miscommunication the world gives us concerning LOVE, and read God’s Love Letter to you! Let Him Love you through it, and transform you by it!

Speak Truth Love

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