This past week I was blessed to spend some refreshing quality time with my friend. We not only sat side by side and listened to profound Bible teaching, but we also took long walks together in the mornings and shared with and listened to each other.
One of our long walks ended up being over 5 miles and landed us on an outside patio of a cafe that holds special memories for both of us. As happy as I was to see that special place again, as thrilled as I was to have meaningful conversation with my friend, and as much as my body was screaming for a filling of above average caffeine, the thing I desired most was the largest glass of water they could bring me! The day was warm already and being a transplanted So Cal Gal, I had forgotten just how warm it can get there and neglected to bring something cool to walk in! I was hot! Maybe not as hot as her two panting dogs at the end of the leashes we were walking them on, but hot nevertheless!  As tempting as the delicious egg dishes on the menu looked, and as desirable as the display of caffeinated beverages were, I was desperate for a huge glass of water!  I downed the first glass and asked for a second one before I ordered my coffee!
Ever feel like that in your spirit? I sure do!  Coming through a”wilderness” time can leave us parched and desperate! The only way our spirits can be refreshed and revived is through the Living Water of the Holy Spirit!  When we cry out in desperate need of refreshment, He hears us! When He takes us though the “wilderness” to produce something in and through us, He will quench our thirst. He will send His streams of living water into our wasteland of dry emptiness and refresh us anew! He promises He will when we stay attached to Him!
“See I am doing a NEW thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness AND STREAMS IN THE WASTELAND.”
                                                                                     Isaiah 43:19
Streams can cut their way through the smallest of places. They can carve a path over rough stones and obtrusive boulders. They can even forge their way through land masses that appear impenetrable! They are able to do this when, and only when they are attached to and driven by THE SOURCE!
There has to be a source that the body of water is attached to; the reason that it is flowing. The Source is the power by which the stream exists and flows!
It is no different for us My Friends! Are we staying attached to our Source? Are we connected to God in such a way that He pushes us through our wilderness and our wasteland? Are we walking in such close step with Him that we are being refreshed and revitalized to “keep on keeping on,” even at the end of exhausting, hot, difficult days and seasons?
Stay attached to The Source! He is doing a NEW thing in you! It springs up and fills you to overflowing if you perceive it! It quenches and satisfies you through each and every wilderness and wasteland experience! Allow His streams of Living Water to flow over you each and every day. If you do, you will never thirst again.
So, stay thirsty My Friends, for The Only Source that truly satisfies, Jesus, The Living Son of God!
Speak Truth Love

2 thoughts on “SOMETHING NEW: Week 4

  1. Thank you Lisa for your visit last week and for your truthful reminder today. How do I walk in the Spirit I asked you some months ago? I want to be victorious but how? When Jesus was lost to his earthly parents and could not be found for days, He was found right there in His Father’s house! Mary was astonished! But He replied “did you not know that I would be here?”. To His and my questions to you are exactly what you speak about in the blog. He is there when we seek him, He is not hiding from us and being stingy with His presence. He only asks for us to seek Him where we know we can find Him in His Word. Staying connected to Him as The Source and the answer to our questions and needs. Thank you for helping me and encouraging me to stay connect to Him! Love you friend!

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    1. How beautifully put my faithful friend!!! God’s Word speaks Truth to us each and every day! He is the Only True Source! When we are connected to Him daily in prayer, worship and His Word, we will never run dry!!!!
      Serving Him together until He returns or calls us home Dearest Friend!!!
      Love you Much!


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