THINGS WE FALL FOR: Being “Less Than” Just The Way We Are!

Do you ever walk past the magazines at the checkout counter and view the “beautiful people” on the covers and want to run with your cart through the aisles frantically putting back half of the food items in your grocery cart before anyone sees that you had them there in the first place? I actually think that in this day and age of advanced technology the only reason they still print magazines with ink and paper is to guilt trip us at the check out counter.

Do you go onto your Social Media accounts and feel shame over the trillions of posts about what to eat, what to wear, how to decorate your house, how to raise your “tribe”, how to live a “perfect” life or a “messy” life, a “cluttered” life or a “simple” life?

Seriously, if anyones self-esteem can stand up to that daily bombardment, then I would question if they have a heart? Don’t get me wrong, I love the “Food Babe” and the “Paleo Community” as much as the rest of you do. But when my self-control is wavering and that cupcake is looking like the better choice than my kale salad with lemon juice squeezed on it, I feel nothing but defeated and “LESS THAN!”

I love the fact that people are using their god-given talents and passions and sharing successful ways to use them. But I fear that all too often we “FALL FOR” the lie that if we are not living this way or that, we are somehow “LESS THAN!”

God’s Words to us speak tenderly and firmly that we are “MORE THAN”, simply because HE CREATED US!

Psalm 139:14

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

The verse right before this one tells us that we were “knit together in our mother’s womb,” and that “God created our inmost being!”

God made you “MORE THAN!” You are His child and He cares for you! He created your “inmost being”, and that is the you He wants to see shine!

It is fine if you glean a healthier eating plan for yourself, but do not allow your weight or size to define you! God made you wonderfully and you are “MORE THAN” that!

It is fine if you acquire beauty and fashion tips from outside sources, but do not allow them to define your beauty. God knit you together and you are “MORE THAN” that!

It is fine if you gain organization in your home or office by simplifying your surroundings, but do not believe you are “LESS THAN”, if your home is full of clutter! God made you fearfully and you are “MORE THAN”, that!

If you live a “messy” lifestyle or a “coffered” lifestyle, embrace it because God knows you!

“He knows when you sit and when you stand, He knows your innermost thoughts, and He still says, “YOU ARE MORE THAN!”

So when we FALL FOR the lie that we are “Less than”, remember The Truth,

You are fearful and wonderfully made, and God says you are “MORE THAN!




Walk in His Truth my friend. Know that you are MORE THAN ENOUGH!

Speak Truth Love

4 thoughts on “THINGS WE FALL FOR: Being “Less Than” Just The Way We Are!

  1. Love this truth Lis😍 I will hold on to this when I start the negative self-talk and remember that God thinks that I am MORE THAN! I love you❤️

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  2. Read this the night before I was going to a function in Newport that I felt “less than”. I prayed on the way down and recited all the things God says I am in His Scripture. I needed this Lisa. So timely and powerful. Thank you for being faithful to bring us the truth in love! Oh by the way…. I got through the event and it was totally fine. I waste so much time worrying and doubting myself which is so unhealthy.

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    1. I am so proud of you Kelly for allowing the Truth of God to speak louder to you than the Lies of the enemy!!! All He asks of us is obedience! You stepped through the negative feelings and allowed God to show you The Truth about you!!! You are MORE THAN every day my friend!!!



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