When is the last time that you have TRULY been surprised? Actually, I could even ask the question, “Have you ever been TRULY surprised?”

Most of us have our antennae up surveying and checking out our surrounding environment the majority of the time. We are looking over our shoulder and almost anticipating what will happen next. We walk through our day looking behind us as much as we look in front of us.  This makes being TRULY surprised virtually impossible!

But, this weekend I was caught completely off guard. I was SURPRISED by my kids in the most wonderful of ways!

My daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren were coming for a visit on Friday. We were planning a BBQ that night and couldn’t wait for them to arrive! They live in the same town, (actually, the same house, but that is a blog for another time,) with our son and daughter-in-law. We were hoping they would all be able to come together, but unfortunately our son and daughter-in-law could not get away.  Our grandchildren came running up our sidewalk to the front door with shrill voices and hugs galore!  We went inside and sat on the floor together playing and laughing and still hugging! My son-in-law had come in intially and hugged us, and then was MIA?

I asked my daughter once, “where’s Craig?” She responded that he was taking the luggage upstairs. I thought nothing of it as I laughed and played with my grand babies on the floor.  My daughter walked in and said, “Mom, we brought something special for you and we put it on the porch.”  I got excited and looked at the smiles on my grand babies faces. I figured they had made me something and wanted to “surprise” me with it. With a shrill of excitement I walked to the door, almost scared to open it! I actually stepped back at one point, and shrieked. They all shouted, “open the door!” I did, and came face to face with my son and daughter-in-law holding a pumpkin and a beautiful pot of flowers. On the pumpkin was printed…

“Our little pumpkin is a _____________!!!”  Sorry, but I’m not allowed to share that information yet!

Soon, I will shout it from the rooftops! This is their first child and we are excited beyond for this amazing gift!

My son-in-law had been MIA from the house, because he had been setting up a video camera to record my “SURPRISE!”  I am not posting it here for you because I want to maintain some kind of dignity. Let’s just say, I was truly, utterly, and completely surprised and caught off guard. IT WAS THE BEST SURPRISE EVER!

I was actually wearing my “BEST DAY EVER” shirt and thought afterward it may have been God-ordained!

Surprises can be a gift or a curse. They can bring us the sweetest of news and bring joy unspeakable. They can also be devastating and deliver a message we never expected to hear. 

The dictionary definition of ‘surprise’ depicts just how strong an emotion and physical reaction, true surprise elicits:

“Being surprised strikes a sudden feeling of wonder and astonishment. It creates an unexpectedness of surprise and wonder.” It comes upon you as a sudden discovery of the unexpected. It makes an unexpected assault on something or someone without warning.”

To be “surprised” in a nutshell, is to experience a completely unexpected occurrence, appearance or statement. It is to come upon an awareness, to astonish or amaze. It causes a chemical reaction in your brain weather positive or negative. The way in which we react to that reaction is significantly dependent upon your individual, God-given personality.  

For example, my kids chose to surprise me knowing that my God-given personality is to express sheer joy that overflows to the point of embarrassment.  When you put me in a situation that is positive and I have had no prior warning of it, I am going to literally “overflow with pure unaffected JOY!” When they surprised me, they got the affect they wanted, and I was blessed.

However, in a negative “surprise” you are caught unaware, “blind-sided” so to speak, and left with a feeling of astonishment and assault. You are often breathless and frozen in fear, which can quickly produce anxiety.

We are human beings after all. Yes, created in the image of God, but possessing at the same time, a human nature that desires to be “in control” at all times!


Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and do not depend on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take.”                                           Proverbs 3:5-6

Depending on our own understanding is simply our way of trying to control our circumstances. I use the word “TRY”, because we fail miserably at it. We are no more able to control our circumstances then we are to hold back the tide, but TRY we do! God is earnestly asking us to, “TRUST HIM,” to strive to follow His direction and plan for our lives instead of our own.  When we do this, He promises to direct the steps we take. When He is in control, we don’t need to be. His path is steady, sure and good. “Letting Go and Letting God”, truly produces peace and freedom in our personal lives. It opens the door to enjoy and receive the “surprises” that come into our lives. 




The bottom line is, all “surprises” good or bad, are unexpected. The way we react to them is dependent upon who is in control of our lives, us or God? God is surprised by nothing! He knows the beginning from the end. I want to go with God! My way of dealing with life is self-focused, messy and unpredictable. God’s way is sure, strong and safe. 

We can not predict when or how life will “surprise us,” but we can purpose ourselves to trust in God to control the outcome. 

God is never caught by surprise!

Speak Truth Love

4 thoughts on “SURPRISE!

  1. Lisa, I am so incredibly happy for you and your whole family!! What a true gift all of your kids and grandkids gave you!!!! I am just imagining your reaction and have a huge grin on my face!!!! Love you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Melinda!!! We are so happy and Thankful!!! You can go ahead and actually laugh as you picture me falling on the floor!!! That’s what I did!:) It was worth it!!!
      Love and miss you Friend!


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