Mid-Summer Refreshment: Week 2

The lazy days of summer are getting to me! My mornings are running into my afternoons and into my long evenings! Hence, the reason for this blog getting posted later than usual.

How are the lazy days of summer treating you?

Are you feeling a little parched? Maybe your spirit could use a dose of refreshment.

When you think of being refreshed, what pops into your mind the quickest?

Do you think of a cool refreshing dip into a swimming pool? Or maybe jumping into a brisk lake. Or, maybe it’s jumping the waves in the ocean and having the foam of the water rush over your toes.

My granddaughter who is six going on twenty, recently asked me the question, “Mama, what does refreshing mean?” I thought for a minute, and then replied to her that it was like when she and her brother were playing in the park on that late summer evening. I said, “remember when you were hot and tired from playing and you asked me for some water? When I gave you that cup of water you felt refreshed.”

Then she replied, “oh yeah, it’s like when you gave Cade and I those refreshing strawberry lemonade Popsicles you made us!” 

Perfect example baby girl!

Refreshment comes to us physically typically by a cool refreshing sip of something wet, or dipping our feet or selves into a cool body of water. I have a recipe for my favorite summer refreshment I call it, Lemon Refresher!

Take your favorite summer glass, add ice(crushed or cubed which ever you prefer), splash the bottom with sparkling lemonade, my favorite of choice is simply raspberry pink lemonade or sparkling pink lemonade from Trader Joe’s. Then add sparkling water to the brim. After that, cut a fresh slice of lemon squeeze the lemon juice straight into the glass and top with the slice of lemon. Lastly, add a straw and sip away! It’s pure summer refreshment in a glass!

Spiritually, I feel refreshed when I let go of my to do list, put aside my calendar, and set my mind free from being perfect and in control. I opened up the Word of God, I allow the words to soak into my mind, heart and spirit. And then I spend time with others, those I love, the ones that refresh me as I pour in and refresh them!

Proverbs 11:25 

The generous will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.

Truth Bomb


The best way to refresh yourself, is to refresh others!

I was recently blessed with a week away from all of my “to do’s! I was able to be in the heart of God’s beautiful creation, with those that I love the most! My spirit was refreshed as I opened up his Word each morning, took it into my spirit, walked to the beach hand-in-hand with those I love most, watch the grandeur of the rolling waves hit the endless sand, and watch those I love play, laugh with glee and run to their hearts content! I was blessed to be able to cook for them, take care of them, walk hand in hand with them and enjoy the refreshment of their company as I poured into them!

My spirit was refreshed as I’ve poured into them and they poured into me!

Lemon Drop🍋

Stay Refreshed by Refreshing Others!

God’s Word is the perfect antidote to whatever ails us! Isn’t it so like God, that whatever the world tells us to do to refresh, is upside down in God’s economy! When we feel tired and weary all we want to do is get away from people! We think that taking care of ourselves by retreating somewhere alone will cure whatever ails us. But God tells us that refreshment, true refreshment, comes when we give back to others. We are truly refreshed when we refresh others. There’s no denying it, some people take everything we have! Truthfully, they drain us. But the others, I think God is talking about can be the very ones who refresh us. When we put others first, just like God does, we find true refreshment. So here’s to summer! Here’s to finding the most perfect summer sips that refresh us physically, and those beautiful times of refreshment with the ones we love the most! Stay refreshed my friends and I’ll see you back here on the blog next Tuesday!

Speak Truth Love

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