Lemonade N’ Lessons: Week 3

As we enjoy Summer and a “Break From Reality,” we must still maintain wisdom or our vacation, get-a-way, or staycation, can quickly turn into a nightmare!
One of the ways we maintain wisdom when we get away and take a break from the realities of life, is we stay physically hydrated. To not do so would cause all kinds of physical problems and quickly ruin our break!
Staying spiritually hydrated is also demonstrating wisdom and allows our lives to reflect the love of Jesus.
“But wisdom is shown to be right by the lives of those who follow it.” Luke 7:35





What “tricks of the trade” are you using this Summer to stay hydrated?
Are you remembering to sip that water throughout the day and not just when you feel thirsty?
Are you carrying that water bottle with you so you won’t be without it? Maybe you have even invested in a stylish water bottle and carrier. Maybe you have even taken it to the limit and invested in a ‘Hydration Backpack’ so you are always supplied with plenty of water?
Are you remembering to “pre-hydrate” before a strenuous activity, and are you avoiding Ice Cold Drinks and limiting your caffeine intake?
I must confess here, that I am doing a pretty good job of keeping my water intake high, and not dong a good job at all of “limiting” my caffeine intake. I mean after all, a girl must have her coffee to survive! Why else would Starbuck’s have come out with a delectable iced cold foam cappuccino?
 My favorite
Yes, they speak my language too loudly at Starbucks!
The majority of you could have quoted the above facts about staying hydrated physically before I ever wrote them.
Why? Because staying hydrated is critical to our physical health and well being. Doctors have told us that, and there are millions of articles and posts that remind of this truth every day, especially in the Summer!
Recently, only a few months back over Easter, my step-father was hospitalized with heart issues, kidney issues, and several other organs failing. He had experienced fainting spells and blurred speech and foggy mental episodes. It took them awhile to realize that he was basically DEHYDRATED! Yes, you heard me correctly, he was suffering from dehydration which was causing his body to fail.
His physical body was failing because he was neglecting to supply it with the amount of water it needed to sustain health.
I believe that spiritually our minds, hearts and spirits are becoming blurry, foggy and failing because we are not keeping them spiritually hydrated with the Word of Truth.  God’s Word is as critical to our spiritual health as water is to our physical health!
Why then is it so easy to listen to doctors who say they are experts, and believe in what the science books tell us and keep ourselves drinking physical water daily, while neglecting to hydrate our spiritual bodies and take in the critical dose of living water daily?
Because maybe, much like the crowd Jesus was speaking to in Luke chapter 7, we are fickle. We would rather pick up a new water bottle, with the latest and greatest ability to keep our water pure and decorated with our favorite colors and design, then pick up the word of God!
I have several of those high Tech water bottles myself. I pick up my water bottle daily, I clean it daily, I fill it full of fresh water daily, and I carry it with me wherever I go, daily.
I am basically never without it!
But sadly, I am often too busy, too tired, or too rushed to pick up the living water of God’s Word each morning, clean my heart and mind of any impure thoughts, fill my mind and spirit with God’s Truth, and carry that Truth with me wherever I go!
But the TRUTH is, my spiritual body will die without God’s spiritual hydration in my life daily, just as sure as my physical body will die without water daily.
So let’s commit to living our lives and taking our Summer breaks with wisdom. Stay hydrated with God’s Word daily, so that our lives will reflect the One we follow!
Stay Encouraged,
Stay Refreshed and
Stay Hydrated by The Living Word of God!


STAY ENCOURAGED: Name 3 people who encourage you:__________________________________________________
Record below why they make you feel built up and encouraged:
Write them, call them, thank them! It is good to surround ourselves by those who encourage and build us up so that we are ready to love those God puts in our lives!
Read these scriptures and savor the truth about how much God loves you! Below each passage write how it makes you feel encouraged.
I John 4:9 “God showed how much He loved us by sending His one and only Son into the world so that we might have eternal life through Him.”
I John 4:10 “This is real love – not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son as a sacrifice to take away our sins.”
STAY REFRESHED: Name an activity that makes you feel peace and calm and refreshed after you do it.
Now spend some time this week DOING IT!
Record how you feel after you finish it:
Try and come up with a weekly time you can write down and commit to DOING this activity…__________________________________________________________________________________.
Now, take a moment and ask God to help you stick to this commitment! Keeping ourselves REFRESHED is important to keeping ourselves in God’s Word!
Ask God to help you stick to this commitment no matter where this Summer takes you.
Psalms 1:2
“But they delight in the law of The Lord, meditating on it day and night.”
In order to live out right lives full of wisdom, it is not easy, but it is simple! Stay hydrated with The Living Word of God DAILY!
Enjoy your Sweet Summer Sips my friends as you read God’s Word, and hydrate yourselves physically, as you hydrate yourselves spiritually!
Speak Truth Love

2 thoughts on “Lemonade N’ Lessons: Week 3

  1. Hi Lisa! I love the questions at the end. I feel inspired, motivated and hydrated. Thank you for always encouraging me with a kind word or a hug. I love you friend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Friend! I love you!XOXO
      You are a joy in my life and help me stay the course!
      Thank you for the sweet, sweet words and encouragement!
      Staying hydrated together this Summer!!!


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