Fearless & Flourishing: Week 4


For God did not give us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love and self-discipline.” 2 Timothy 1:7

Last week we talked about a spirit of LOVE. That’s the “warm and fuzzy” attribute everyone LOVES (no pun intended), to talk about. In fact, we dedicate an entire month to the celebration of it! In fact, ‘Spoiler Alert’, it may be next months topic?
I’m a Disney loving, Hallmark fanatic, that LOVES a happy ending every time. But the problem is, without this next attribute, real love, God’s love, would not be a central part of our lives.

Self-discipline is knowing the right thing to do and doing it, as well as knowing the wrong thing to do and not doing it!
Self-discipline is the CAUTION sign in our lives that warns us to slow down, pause, pray and think about our next move.



Self-discipline is the CAUTION sign in our lives that warns us to pause and think about our next move.


The winds of life may blow hard on us at times, rocking us back and forth. But as long as we heed our caution sign of self-discipline, pause, and make the right move, we will not be blown off the mountain.

Please bear with me as I make my point. I may have encountered a “bit of wind” on the top of the mountain, actually I almost got taken out by it! But I hope you can hear me share my heart on self-discipline in my most favorite place!

External Signs are important, we see them all around us. They keep us from harm and warn us of things ahead. If I had not paid attention to the signs on the mountain while I was skiing, I may have not made it to the bottom safely.
God has given us Internal signs to warn us about danger we may fall into if we do not heed them. Self-discipline is one of those signs. When we practice self-discipline our spirit develops a warning that causes us to pause, pray and ask, “What is the right thing to do?”  We practice that self-discipline by first pausing and asking the question, and then acting on the correct answer.

Remember, God also gave us a spirit of power, His power, and with that we can also have self-discipline.

We will FLOURISH when we demonstrate self-discipline and do the right thing and do not do the wrong thing.
Trust God, He will show you the difference!

Speak Truth Love

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