Christmas Light: Week One, Putting up Lights!

“It’s my birthday, I can Blog if I want to, Blog if I want to, Blog if I want to.”
And I Want To!!! I am 57 years young people, and I thank God for every precious day!

Seriously, this was intended to be a VLOG, and it sounded better in my head!
However, due to my age, which increased today, I continue to have “technical difficulties!”
Taping is easy, but getting it up for all of you…NOT SO EASY!
My goal for 2018 is to work out the kinks, and VLOG into the New Year.
But, we still have a month of 2017 and I plan to live it to the fullest!
After all, it is MY FAVORITE TIME of the year!

It’s CHRISTMAS TIME! Which inspired the title for today’s BLOG,


“It’s beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS, everywhere you go!”

Everywhere I go I see LIGHTS!

I love them! The glow warms my heart and makes me feel comforted.


I love gazing at the glow of my Christmas tree lights and see the twinkle of reflection they make in the window. I hate turning them off, but they leave a warm feeling inside me as I head upstairs to go to sleep.

The FIRST thing I notice about lights is that we PUT THEM UP!

We spend countless hours of time, and amounts of money to PUT UP CHRISTMAS LIGHTS! We climb onto ladders that are anything but safe(well actually, in my case, my son-in-law climbs the ladder)!
He truly is the most Perfect “Light Putter Upper” you have ever seen! Our home is aglow with beautiful white lights! I love plugging them in each evening and truth be told, I walk outside and stare at them several times a night!
Then we put up our Christmas Tree! Why do we go to such trouble? I mean seriously, I could write an entire BLOG POST FOR A YEAR on how, Putting Up Our Christmas Tree Each Year Has Driven Us To The Verge of DIVORCE! Actually, my daughter told me to write a book about it and we would be RICH! This is not a joke people! I have serious “TREE ISSUES!” I am embarrassed to tell you about this year’s escapades, but I believe it all points to the point I am trying to make…
I have already put up one tree in our front room, live of course, that I have already taken down! I gave it my best effort to be “frugal” and I failed miserably! I never claimed to be frugal, and I clearly am not!
My sister took pity on me, and she knows my heart for Christmas and Lights, and she bought me a big, beautiful tree as a “house warming” gift, that fills our high ceiling living room with luscious evergreen scent and lots and lots of LIGHTS! We had just put the lights on the “New Tree” when we heard a loud CRASH AND SWOOSH OF WATER!
That’s right, it came falling down, soaking my carpet and flooring! We had to clean up the mess and dry out the carpet and flooring with a fan for 24 hours, but did that stop me? NOT A CHANCE! I LOVE LIGHTS!

Just to be clear, I do not just put up one tree with lights, I have another I put in the family room for my grand babies. I actually love LIGHTS so much, they are all over my house!


PUTTING UP LIGHTS is the FIRST act we perform at Christmas time. It gives us Hope and a warm glow! Does it take work and effort and at times suffering? YES! But, Boy is it worth it when you see the GLOW!

The Word of God foretold the coming of THE LIGHT into the world at Christmas time…

The people who walk in darkness will see a great LIGHT. For those who live in a land of great darkness a LIGHT will shine.” Isaiah 9:2



God sent us The Great Light to shine in the darkness!

God knew we needed LIGHT, and He was preparing to bring that LIGHT to the world!

As you and I put up Christmas lights this year, my prayer is that each light will lead me to look up to the True Light of God, His Son Jesus, and allow Him to shine through the darkness!

Next week will continue to focus on The Light, as we look to The Light that gives life to the World!

Speak Truth Love


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