Today is a very special day in my life! Twenty eight years ago today, my baby boy was born. He has been a gift from God since the day he was born, and he continues to be. It is easy on a day like today for me to be “THANKFUL!” It’s also the week that our Nation sets aside an entire day to “GIVE THANKS!” WE gather together around tables loaded with our favorite foods and desserts and eat, laugh, love and give thanks with our nearest and dearest family and friends. This day is also easy for me to “GIVE THANKS.”

But what about the other days of my week? What about the days when I miss my boy, my girl, my grand babies and feel like my family and friends are far away and loneliness sets in. What about the days leading up to the Grand Thanksgiving Day Feast, and I am shopping and feeling stressed about spending too much money, I am fighting the crazy, busy traffic and praying for a parking spot, and I am tired and fatigued from cleaning my house and preparing my food. What about then? What about the “in-between” times when the “GIVING THANKS” is not so easy?

It is in these times, the “in-between” and not so easy times, that Psalm 105:1 gives me perspective and direction.

“Give thanks to The Lord and proclaim His greatness. Let the whole world know what He has done.”  Psalm 105:1

Today as I focus on giving thanks to God because He DESERVES it, and not because it is easy to do, or a day set aside to do so. I am thankful for Thanksgiving and very thankful that America still observes a Day to Give Thanks! I am truly thankful for my son and his birthday and for his sister who was born two and a half years before he was. But as thankful as I feel about these obvious ways to be thankful and to give thanks, the true reason I give thanks is because my God is GREAT, and the whole world needs to know it!!!




That’s right, God’s Truth is my TRUTH BOMB this week, because there is NO GREATER REASON TO GIVE THANKS!!!

So this Thanksgiving Day when I wear my ‘GRATEFUL, THANKFUL, BLESSED’ tee, and sit down with my family and friends to eat way more than I should at our Thanksgiving table, I give thanks to The Lord and proclaim His greatness!  And, as I go out into my community, church, and school the days that follow, and I fight the traffic, fight the fatigue, fight the frustration and fight every little thing that comes with living this life, “I will let the whole world know what He has done!” I will do my best to thank God in the middle of the fight, so that my attitude toward the traffic, fatigue, and frustration of life turns from negative to positive and quietly, even silently, proclaims “to the whole world what God has done for me!”



May we continue to GIVE THANKS to our Lord each and every day and therefore proclaim his greatness. And may we live an attitude of thanks, so that the whole world will know what He has done!

Speak Truth Love

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