Last week we talked about the LOVE of FAMILY, this week we are talking about the LOVE of FRIENDS!

The tragedy in Las Vegas yesterday, October 1, 2017, has caused each and every one of us to consider those closest and most important to us, namely FAMILY and FRIENDS!


Yesterday we awoke to the devastating news of the Las Vegas tragedy. It reminded us that evil and darkness are ever present. Even though this is a stark and real revelation, The Light and Truth of our Lord Jesus Christ shines brightest in the darkness!
We must hold onto that Truth, trust in Him alone and be His light here on Earth!

I have found no greater way to shine the LIGHT of Jesus Christ than through friendship!
The Bible tells us in Proverbs that a true friend loves always. This means in the good times and in the bad times.

The world displays friendship as a relationship with another that we have something in common with. Sharing, if you will, a common likeness to a particular activity. We can share in a book club, a cooking class, a favorite restaurant, a sport or a love for the arts. Any common interest can create a friendship. We bond over a golf game, a football game, a baseball game or any sport we enjoy. We can watch it together or play it together. We can bond over sharing recipes, new cooking tools, or new cooking techniques. We can bond over an interest in the arts, walking through museums, watching a play or listening to a concert. We can join a running club, biking club or dance club and make friends. We can join a gym, an exercise class or a martial arts class and make friends.

It seems natural to become friends when we find others who share our similar interests. However, I believe the Bible is talking about a friendship much deeper than a shared interest when it speaks about being a friend in Proverbs.

A Friend loves at all times.

Proverbs 17:17

This kind of friend sticks by you when times are tough! This kind of a friend understands when you have a bad day and say the wrong thing. This kind of a friend forgives and forgets when you make a mistake. This kind of a friend remains your friend no matter how many miles separate you! This kind of a friend helps in time of need, and comforts in time of grief. This kind of a friend does not just enjoy activities with you that you both enjoy, but this kind of a friend enters into your activities even if they are not their first choice. This kind of a friend puts you first and is there when you need them. This kind of a friend prays alongside you and bloodies their knees in prayer for you. This kind of a friend knows that sometimes there is nothing they can do but stand beside you in silence and hold your hand or give you a hug. This kind of a friend, a true friend, is ALWAYS THERE!

If you have a friend like this, you are blessed and you understand the true definition of Proverbs 17:17.

If you are a friend like this, than you are fulfilling God’s purpose for friendship.

Truth Bomb

A friend loves at all times!

We have the opportunity to shine the LIGHT and LOVE of Jesus when we practice this kind of friendship. When we give even when we have nothing left to give. When we love even when we feel unloved, and when we pray even when others do not deserve it. Most of all, when we display hope when life circumstances feel hopeless!

Yes, even on the darkest of days, when senseless tragedy makes us feel sad and dark, we have the potential to bring the LIGHT as we live out true godly friendship!

As we are reminded how short and uncertain life is, may we not waste another precious moment loving our friends ALL OF THE TIME!

Speak Truth Love


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