This weekend I did something I need to do far more frequently… I took time to BREATHE!

I set aside an entire day, to do nothing but BREATHE in God’s Spirit and BREATHE out His Love! I sat still amongst tall redwood trees. I surrounded myself with friends who love Jesus. I listened to Truth from God’s Word. I sang songs of worship to my God. And I BREATHED! I breathed in God’s Spirit, and I breathed out God’s Love.



I will admit to you that it was not easy! Although, “breathing” is one of the most fundamental activities we do every second of every day, I mean, after all, it is necessary if we want to continue living, it can be one of the most difficult activities to put into practice spiritually!

Seriously, if we do not take air in through our lungs and “inhale,” and then let the air out and “exhale,” we will die! It’s plain and simple! It is the way our creator designed it.

However, I have come to realize that “Spiritual Breathing” is just as vital to our existence as Physical Breathing is. If we desire to LIVE this Christian life and not just walk through it, we must learn to Breathe spiritually.

This is easier said than done! I had to set aside other opportunities to participate in, in order to BREATHE Spiritually. I was presented with two of my very favorite activities the same day I had set aside to BREATHE. My sister and nephew planned a trip to visit my “Happy Place”, Disneyland, on the same day! They offered to take me with them. I had to say no, and it was not easy! To make the decision even more difficult, they were traveling to Disneyland in Southern California where my daughter and grand babies live! Now, I was saying no to spending time with my family that I love and miss! That was certainly NOT EASY! Then, one of my favorite conferences which is usually far from where I live, was coming to Sacramento, only 2 hours away, which was drivable, and I had to say no again! Truly Not Easy!

As hard as it was to say no to these other “good” opportunities, I knew God was calling me to BREATHE! To Breathe in His Holy Spirit and to BREATHE out His Love!

The dilemma comes when we make the mistake of thinking that we can live our spiritual lives without taking the time to BREATHE God in! That’s the inhaling part. We never stop to think about breathing in physically. We simply suck in the air God has placed around us in His perfect atmosphere. But what would happen if something prevented us from taking in that air. Would we fight with all of our might to free ourselves from what ever was hindering us from breathing physically? Of course we would! We would pull those covers off of our head so quickly that our hair would stand up on end! We would tear that plastic bag off with such physical force that we would feel like a super hero. It would be our natural reaction to anything hindering us from breathing! We want to live! We fight to breathe physically.

Now think about this question, do we fight to breathe spiritually? Do you really fight to push all distractions out of your way so you can breathe spiritually? Do you set aside whatever hinders you from sitting at God’s feet, reading His Word, taking in His creation around you, and listening for His voice?

Are you willing to do whatever you need to do to practice “Being still and knowing He Is God?”
To sit still long enough and calm your mind, heart, and life down so that you can take a deep breath in and feel His Spirit fill you up. Then to breathe out (exhale), His love to all those around you. I believe this is as vital to our spiritual life as breathing is to our physical life!

Without Breathing in God’s Spirit on a regular basis, we will die spiritually! It is a slow death. We may not even notice it at first. We lose our joy and enthusiasm, our pace and service slows down, we attend church less and less and being a part of a small group becomes a distant memory. Before we know it we are walking around out of duty and obligation, as lifeless as a corpse! Our physical body continues to breath in the air around it, but our spiritual body is dry and lifeless.

In Genesis 2:7 it tells us that the reason we have physical life is because God breathed His breath into us…

God breathed the Breath of Life into man’s nostrils, and the man became a living person.” Genesis 2:7

Did you catch that? God had already created man, but man was not LIVING until God BREATHED LIFE INTO HIM!

We are alive because God Breathed His Life into us! We remain alive in Him when we take the time to BREATHE Him in!

Truth Bomb


Breathing God in is vital to our spiritual life!

It is worth it my friends! When we take time to “BE STILL AND KNOW HE IS GOD,” He gives us His PEACE. He frees us from anxiety, tension, pressure and worry. When we Breathe Him in, His spirit refreshes us and gives us vitality and joy. We have a spring in our step. We look forward to being in fellowship with fellow believers and we can’t wait to get to church and to our small group. Our bodies are filled with the life only God can give and we are ALIVE!

You may be able to attend a Retreat like I did, but let’s face it, those do not come around everyday. When they do, I highly recommend you take advantage of them. They are a true spiritual high! I know I have a bigger spring in my step this week! But all of us can do something to BREATHE spiritually each day. You can remove distractions and read your Bible. You can journal what you feel God is teaching you through what you are reading or is speaking to you. You can listen to worship music and hear him speak and teach you through the words of the songs. You can take a walk in His beautiful creation, hear the birds sing, the bees buzz or the simple silence that surrounds you. You can simply be still, rest, and listen for His still small voice. You can practice inhaling and asking Him to bless you, hold your breath for a few seconds, than exhale and ask him to bless others through you as you do. These are the best ways I know how to BREATHE His Spirit in DAiLY, and Breathe His love out to others around me as I walk in the vibrancy of the life He fills me with.


Speak Truth Love



2 thoughts on “Breathe

  1. Thank you Lisa! Beautiful pictures and even better words of truth! I am trying so hard to juggle so much these days and sometimes I don’t make breathing in God’s Word a priority and it shows. Thank you for the reminder that it is most important to do this before anything else in my crazy days. Love you friend and keep on blogging for us, we need it!


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