Vacation’s Illusion of Freedom

Summer vacations, family vacations, the long-awaited break from our normal routines…we plan for them, we save for them, we look forward to them, we mark the day on the calendar nearly a year ahead of time, and then the countdown begins! The anticipation leading up to it, can almost be as exhilarating as the countdown to Christmas!

What is it that holds such great anticipation, that it can almost consume the year proceeding it? It’s freedom! Or at least the illusion of it! We are free from demanding schedules. We are free from the daily “clock” that tells us daily when we have to leave somewhere or be somewhere.


What is it that we love most vacations? Sure, it is typically the destination itself, if we are fortunate enough to go somewhere we have never been before! It’s thrilling to see a new sight, explore a new trail, and delight in trying a new food. But if this were all that vacations held for us, then the all popular quote “staycation” wouldn’t be in such fashion! Deep down, in our very soul and within our spirit, lies a desire for freedom. To be free of the “normailicy” of our lives and to break free into a different routine.


The problem is as enticing as “getting away” is, it is a temporary time that does come to an end. It is simply the illusion of freedom. If we continued to live our daily lives in a “vacation mode,” we would soon find ourselves homeless. Granted, we would be free. Free of punching a time clock, free of responsibilities, free of mortgage or rent, free of utility bills…

So, am I saying that it isn’t possibile to have freedom in our daily lives? No, that’s not what I’m saying at all. Nor am I saying that vacations and time away don’t hold true value. What I am saying, is that true freedom is only found in Christ alone. The beauty of God’s spirit living in us daily, not just while on vacation, produces a inexustable supply of freedom that will follow us through our daily lives and into eternity!

The Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”

2 Corinthians 3:17

God’s Spirit is freedom! He promises that His Spirit lives in all believers!

Truth Bomb


God’s freedom is not an illusion…it’s inexhaustible!

So, as we find ourselves in the middle of Summer, enjoy those family vacations! Enjoy those trips to unknown destinations, and enjoy those weekends at the beach, or those days in your backyard with an ice tea refresher and a new book in your hand. But choose to live DAILY with God’s Spirit in you, so that you will truly know His freedom!

Speak Truth Love

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