Growth Bursts! Week 5


This is the last week of May! Those lovely showers, that brought the aromatic May flowers, have faded into the bright sunshine of the end of May. June is right around the corner, and the first day of Summer comes with it.

As we say good-bye to Spring, and look forward to the long, lazy days of Summer, I want to conclude our ‘GROWTH BURSTS’ series, while at the same time “kick off” our next series.

I grew so much through our Growth Bursts series as God spoke His truth and affirmation to me!
I must be planted firmly, covered by God’s hand completely, watered consistently, and then and only then, will I BLOOM where God Himself has planted me.

Last weeks Blog post brought clear and concise affirmation that both of my Father’s in heaven, (to quote a beautiful friend), have confirmed and sealed my call and my husbands call to our new ministry here in Northern California!
As my Dad’s rose bush produced it’s first bloom EVER, my daughter jumped for joy with me and proclaimed, “That’s your sign Mom! God has called you here to BLOOM for Him!” Later that week my sister wrote that both God and Dad are happy I am back “HOME!”
Then the affirmation of a new friend, from our new church stated that “this is God’s sign of confirmation and sealing.”


I write this Blog because I believe with all of my heart that God told me to use the voice He gave me for Him in this way. I have made a commitment to my Faithful God, to be faithful to His call on my life. The phenomanal Truth about our God, is that as we step out in Faith, He is undeniablly more Faithful than we can dream, think or imagine! However, this step of FAITH for me was not an easy one! I felt insecure, nervous and even scared to take the step of FAITH in writing this Blog that God was calling me to! It was only after much prayer and “planting”, that caused me to become ROOTED firmly in my God, that enabled me to trust Him and PUT MY FAITH INTO ACTION!

I have combined the words FAITH and ROOTED in this weeks Blog intentionally. As I, as we, GROW in Christ Jesus, and our roots go down deep in Him, we become ROOTED and our FAITH is made strong.

The “growing process” happens for a reason. It is not simply to make us feel warm and cozy, even though there is a time for that. It is not only to produce a bloom pretty to look at. No, it is for a far deeper reason that we are planted. We are planted so that our roots grow down deep and strong, become ROOTED in Jesus, and BURST forth and produce something. Something that is eternal. Something that impacts the world for Jesus Christ and His Kingdom!


Thats where FAITH comes in. Belief is one thing, but believing is not enough to impact God’s world and make a difference. FAITH is what it takes to make a difference in this world and fulfill our God-given destinies!

FAITH is acting on our belief in God! Stepping out in FAITH when God calls us to do something outside of our comfort zone, takes more than human power. A God sized assignment calls for SUPERNATURAL POWER! We need God’s power acting in and through us!

Both James and Paul use the Greek word ‘Pistis’ for the word FAITH. It relates to a person’s ACTION, not a belief!
That is why James writes in his letter,
FAITH without works is useless…For just as the body without the spirit is dead, so also FAITH without works is dead.
James 2:20,26

James is telling us that our belief in Jesus is not enough, we must demonstrate our FAITH in Jesus through our actions!
Priscilla Shirer puts it bluntly in her study ‘The Armor of God”,
“FAITH is acting like God is telling the truth.”

FAITH is acting, doing something, taking action! If we truly have FAITH in our God, than we must ACT like it!

I remember when my children were small and they would do something wrong. They would immediately spin around and look up at me with their adorable, guilty eyes and say, “I am sorry Momma!” And this is the reply they would hear back from me, “Do not just say you are sorry, show me you are sorry!” I was taught to demonstrate my words, not just say them. I was trying to instill in my children this same, important truth.

Truth Bomb


Our words are nothing unless backed up by action!

Our FAITH is the same! Do we simply believe that Jesus Christ is our Savior and He deserves all we have to give Him, because He gave us all He had to give? Or, are we willing to back that up with our Lives in Action?

Stepping out and putting our FAITH into ACTION is not easy. But we are supported and encouraged by a long line of ACTION HEROS who came before us!
Next week we jump into an ACTION SERIES called ‘ACTION HEROS OF THE FAITH!’ I know you will be encouraged. So meet me back here next week, and each week through the month of June as we meet real life ACTION HEROS and gain the encouragement we need to put our FAITH INTO ACTION!

I love this FAITH journey we are on together! Thank you for encouraging me to be ROOTED and put my FAITH into action!

See you next week!

Speak Truth Love

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