The One who sits on the Throne


As we continue this series, remember, it’s a promise my friends, GOD MAKES ALL THINGS NEW!

I am making everything new!
Revelation 21:5


I have started something “NEW” recently, Bible Journaling. I was introduced to it by a “NEW” friend, at our “NEW” church, (are you catching on to why God led me to write on this theme?
At first when she introduced me to it over a lunch that she took me out to, I was not interested. I thought it sounded cool, but truly, it did not sound like me! It is artsy, which unfortunately, I AM NOT! I do not have an artistic bone in my body! Stick figures are as “ARTSY” as I get! But as I found myself doing my morning devotions, I was struck with the fact that something “NEW” may add some spice to my morning routine. So, I went to the Book Store and there we piles of these “Journaling Bibles.”
If I was going to spend the money on a “NEW” Bible, then I wanted it to be a version I did to yet have. My husband and my son had been recommending the New Living Translation to me (NLT), so I started looking for a Journaling Bible in that translation. They had a beautiful one with birds, flowers, butterflies, and all sorts of green nature covering every page! That is not the way I roll, and I walked away from it several times. But, as I continued looking I kept coming back to it! Around the third time I picked up the Bible, I noticed that through the artistry of the birds, butterflies and flowers was one simple word…INSPIRE! Eventually, I bought it. I’m not gonna lie, I said to myself, “I can write and color in this Bible, and carry my brown leather “classy” looking Bible when I speak.” Don’t the craziest thoughts pop into our heads!

God knew I needed this “NEW” Bible! He knew that I needed to be INSPIRED! And God, in His infinite wisdom knew that something “NEW” would indeed INSPIRE me!

Truth Bomb



It keeps us fresh, updated, encouraged and looking forward to the next NEW thing!

I was recently Blessed beyond words, INSPIRED, ENCOURAGED, and BUILT UP by the NEWNESS of my precious granddaughter turning 5!

I was snuggling with her in her bed the morning of her fifth birthday! The girl wakes up each and every day, happier than any of us deserve to be! She pops up as I love to say, “like a pop-tart”, happy and excited to start each NEW day! But this day was like nothing I had every seen!
She peered at me with her sweet little face and her brilliant blue eyes shining, and with the biggest smile said, “I’m five today!
I am taller Mamma, can you tell?
I can reach higher Mamma, can you see?
I can jump higher Mamma, watch!”
She jumped out of bed, and jumped up and down on the floor! This girl was convinced that turning 5, made “EVERYTHING NEW!”


And she was RIGHT! God tells us in Revelation that,
The One sitting on the throne,” that’s JESUS, is making “EVERYTHING NEW!” Revelation 21:5

If we belong to JESUS then He is making EVERYTHING NEW in our lives!

My precious baby girl knows she belongs to Jesus, Do YOU? She does not hesitate to take Him at His Word when He tells her that “I AM MAKING EVERYTHING NEW!”

Listen to the life-giving words Jesus speaks to each of His children in Revelation 21:

And The One sitting on the throne said, Look, I am making EVERYTHING NEW!” And then He said to me, “Write this down, for what I tell you is trustworthy and true.” And He also said,” IT IS FINISHED!

Friends pause a minute and take in the magnitude of what the LAMB OF GOD, JESUS CHRIST is saying to His children!

“IT IS FINISHED!” I suffered, I died, and I rose again on that cursed cross, so that ALL of your sins are forgiven, and now you live a new, blessed life where “I AM MAKING EVERYTHING NEW!”

We just celebrated EASTER! We just gave honor to our King for suffering and dying and resurrecting from death to life! We cannot miss the power of this! He raised from the dead, walks out of the grave, spends time with His Disciples so that they would “GET IT”, and then he ascends to heaven where He is seated on the throne making “EVERYTHING NEW” for us!

Look and see what the rest of Revelation 21 says to us:

I am The Alpha and The Omega – The Beginning and The End! To all who are thirsty I will give freely from the springs of the water of life. ALL who are victorious will inherit ALL these blessings, and I will be their God, and they will be my children!
Revelation 21:6-7

His gift of “NEWNESS” costs us NOTHING! It is FREE! It is as natural, and free as my granddaughters exuberance at turning 5!



She knows that she is a child of God!
Do you?
She is so convinced of it, that she takes God at His Word! She allows Him, NO, she expects Him, to make EVERYTHING NEW IN HER LIFE!
Do You?

I was blessed and challenged by my “NEW” Bible”, and by my “NEW” five year old granddaughter to allow God to bring His Word to life in my life! To shake off the “OLD” dust from my life that makes me drag my feet, causes me to doubt, and brings in far too much gloom, and allow Him to make “EVERYTHING NEW” no matter how old I am or what circumstances I face!

After all, “IT IS FINISHED!”
I serve a risen Savior, and He is setting on The Throne making EVERYTHING NEW!

Speak Truth Love

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