Heart’s Desire

Have you ever felt like the desires of your heart are a distant thought throughout your day to day “daily grind?”

It’s so easy to get bogged down in our normal daily routines with our long lists of commitments, care taking, communication, and yes, even conflicts! We care deeply about being faithful to all of our responsibilities. We work diligently at putting forth our best effort in all of these areas, to never leave anyone wanting. Much of the time however, it feels like it’s our desires that get sidelined.  God cares very much about granting our hearts desires.

Psalm 20:4 says,

May He grant your heart’s desires and make all your plans succeed.”

God’s desire is that our heart’s desires are fulfilled! However, it’s not as simple as a snap of our fingers or a blink of our eyes.

How then can our heart’s desires be fulfilled when we are daily overwhelmed with meeting the needs of others and the demands of this daily life?

God answers this question clearly and without reserve just a few Psalms later!

Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you your heart’s desires.”

Psalm 37:4

Putting God first, and committing our ways to His ways, is the ONLY way to have our heart’s desires fulfilled.

Thinking of others before we think of ourselves; calling or texting that friend before we check our social media accounts; visiting that neighbor or family member even though it may be difficult; attending that Bible study or Life Group even after a long day or week; turning off the TV and communicating one on one with your spouse after a long, exhausting day; attending church every weekend even at the end of a busy week; serving faithfully on that committee that needs your assistance to meet the needs of others; committing the first minutes of your day to your prayer and devotion with God, even though the demands of the day are looming.

These are all choices each of us are faced with every single day and week of our lives. Taking delight in the Lord and placing Him as the top priority in our life, promises to give us our heart’s desires. Our heart’s desires are all around us when we put God first. Open your eyes, look around see that they are in your grasp.

This last week, brought that realization to my life, in a fresh wind, as He blessed me all week with the desire’s of my heart!

Friday day date  with my one and only!


Overnight visit from my Son and Daughter-in-Law!


Visiting my Daughter and Son-in-Law and blessing them so they could go serve at Jr High Winter Camp together!


Weekend full of fun, joy, and laughter with  my precious grand babies!


Our heart’s desires are gifts from God! When we put Him first He puts them into our lives in abundance! Open your eyes each and every day, they are all around us!

Truth Bomb


God gives us our heart’s desires!

Some days we get to experience them in abundance, like I had the blessing of doing so this week! Remember however, that my previous weeks felt endless at times and very lonely. Not tangibly filled with my heart’s desires. Yet, pressing forward to put God first in my life absolutely fulfills His plan and purposes for it. God’ does promise to us does not necessarily mean that we daily experience our desires, but they do mean that the gift and blessing of our hearts desires are there. In the pursuit of God’s plans and purposes, may our commitment to taking delight in the journey continue to form the desire’s of our hearts!

I’ll see you back here next week for March Madness! No bets will be made, no money will be spent, but we will look into the Madness of His Word!

Speak Truth Love

One thought on “Heart’s Desire

  1. Lisa, Thank you!!
    This one hit me square between the eyeballs!!
    I too got to experience my hearts desires by spending this past weekend with jessica in Oregon…. you are right, it wasn’t easy getting there, but pursuing them is so worth it!! Love to you! Miss you tons!❤


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