Thankful: for the right to vote

I am thankful for the right to vote.
In this month of giving thanks, and in our commitment to give thanks to God before we ask Him for anything, today on voting day, I am thankful for: the right to vote; a free democratic system; the men and women who dedicate their lives in military service to keep us free; the freedom of religion we have; and for the church, who reminds me that there is way more to life than what happens here on earth.
This same week in which we exercise our freedom to vote is the same week we honor the brave men and women who serve in our military service to ensure that freedom. I’ve been blessed to travel to many foreign countries where that freedom does not exist.
I was called to minister there, and I prayed every day for God’s protection, that wasn’t as secure where I was.
We live in America. It is still the land of the free!
Today we exercise our freedom to vote. I urge you to exercise that freedom and trust God to take care of all the details. And on Friday, we honor and celebrate those who give their lives in military service to keep us free. This week emphasizes the privilege of freedom we enjoy. It’s not a freedom to squander. It’s a blessing from God, and we ought to thank Him every day for it.
As my dad’s favorite,
“I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free; and I won’t forget the men who died and gave their life for me.”
So on voting day, I’ll proudly stand side by side with fellow Americans, and cast my vote. God calls me to do my part! And I will trust God for the outcome. I am thankful that my God is in control, and I am not.
We haven’t been here before, but God has been here before!
In the Peanuts cartoon, Peppermint Patty asked Charlie Brown to define security. Charlie replied, “It is sleeping in the back seat of the car, and your mom and dad are in the front seat, driving and taking care of everything.
We are God’s children. He is in the front seat, driving and taking care of us, our nation, and our future. Relax, trust Me. For the follower of Jesus, in Romans 8, God works together for the good of those who love Him. He is going to work it out, no matter the outcome of this—let me emphasize temporary—election. He will still be Lord of all in the days ahead!
So let God drive. Let Him fly the plane. You need to get in the car with Him. You have to get on the plane with Him. You need to show up at the voting booth and do your part. And above all, you need to pray, daily!

When God’s people humble themselves and pray, God will heal their land.
God says, when my people humble themselves before Me and pray, I will listen, and forgive, and heal their land. Regardless of who wins, let’s pray that our nation truly becomes a nation under God. In everything, God is working today together for good. He is in charge! You don’t have to worry. So have a thank-filled day today, thankful for this great privilege, and go vote.

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