The last word to describe my Mission trip to Temoaya central Mexico is RAINBOWS!

A rainbow is a promise, a sign from God that He is in control. It is a beautiful picture of hope!

A beautiful display of God’s splendor, glory, majesty and power arched across the sky in bright vibrant color!

It is no accident that a rainbow appears after a storm. That is God’s design! A physical storm stops us from being outside and doing what we were intending to do. A personal storm of life can also stop us from doing what we intend to do. But we must push through with the hope and the promise that God has a rainbow at the end of it for us! Just as a physical storm is necessary to bring the rain and the water that is needed to sustain life, a personal storm is also necessary to sharpen us and bring us to the place where God intends for us to be.

As sure as we are witnessing a rainbow appear in the sky after a storm, we can have that same assurance that God’s rainbow of hope and promise will appear in our lives after a personal storm. God promised Noah and all mankind,

“Whenever I bring clouds over the earth and the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will remember my covenant between me and you and all living creatures of every kind. Never again will the waters destroy all life. Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth.” Genesis 9:14-16

In Temoaya, Mexico, for four days we worked together outside to build a playground for the children and the church in La Canada. God held the rains back and we had beautiful weather. We had to dig a lot of holes and fill some holes where the rains had flooded. We had to carry equipment in and put playground equipment together. We had to mix concrete and pour concrete. We had to measure and hold them into place, and all the time we were praying for good weather to do it in. We had such a short time to complete such a big project!

GOD WAS FAITHFUL! We finished the playground on schedule and set everything in place and waited for the concrete to dry overnight. The next day we returned to the church and celebrated together as the Pastors prayed over the church, the children, the families and the playground! We then walked outside and joined in the celebration as the ribbon was cut, and many joyous smiling, children ran and played on the playground we built! The weather was bright, beautiful, and perfect!

We ate a delicious lunch together prepared by the women of the church. Homemade tortillas and fresh mango were just one part of the feast!
After that, together we led a pastors’ conference, A teachers’ conference, A medical conference, and an inside photo booth for the families.
Our team arrived at the church that morning and the skies were clear. Midway through our late afternoon teaching, we could hear the “ping ping ping” of raindrops start to fall. The concrete was firm and we were all dry inside the building as we talked and worked together.

The teaching seminar I was helping lead was coming to an end as we heard shrills of excitement outside. We all ran to the windows to look out, and there in the sky God had put not one, but TWO beautiful rainbows all around the work that He had helped us to accomplish that week. In His name there was not a single rainbow in the sky…there were two rainbows in the sky! It was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen! God himself was showing us that He ties the bow on the work that He allows us to accomplish.


He is our promise, He is our hope, and He is our salvation! We all face physical storms in our lives, and at times we all face personal storms. The goal is to keep our eyes on Him, to persevere to be obedient and to keep on keeping on in the direction He has pointed us in. If we do, He is more than faithful! He will bring a rainbow to the end of all of our storms, and tie each one up as we learn all that He has intended for us to learn and grow in!

Truth Bomb


God is faithful to His promises in every storm of life

Just as Noah was faithful to listen to God through his storm, even though there was no rain, severe drought, many doubters, umpteen mockers, and those who flat out called him a fool! We must trust God also, and be faithful! For our God is a faithful God: He always brings a rainbow! He is our promise, He is our help, and He is our hope!

Speak Truth Love

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