Home Again


What do you write when words do not begin to express what you are feeling? For this girl who loves her words, her emojis, and her explanation marks!!!! This is no easy task.  I must heed the advice and example I was given many years ago on some of my very first mission experiences. “Choose three words that mark your mission experience best.” 

So I must keep it to these three simple words: Called; Servanthood; and Rainbows. This week, I’m going to share about being “Called.”


    I was called by God many years ago to serve Him faithfully.  You are called; I am called; and we are all called as Christ followers to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  We are called to carry the good news of His salvation to each and every person we encounter, wherever He may take us.  This trip to Central Mexico reminded me in a very up close and personal way that I was “CALLED” by God over 30 years ago, to not just “go on mission trips”, but to live a mission-and-purpose-minded life.  I was called to be the hands and feet of Jesus in whatever situation He put me in.  On this trip I was to pick up a shovel and dig a hole.  I was to help carry and plant a post in that hole; to pour cement around it and secure it.  In this way it could eventually hold laughing, smiling, happy and excited children as they slid down the slide that was now securely fastened.  As I dug that shovel in the ground and scooped out that fresh earth and threw it to the side to fill a saturated hole under the swings, I was reminded of the swing set I pushed my daughter on in “El Parque Bosque” in San Jose, Costa Rica.  I can still hear Christina’s sweet voice ring out, “The sky is pink, Mom! It’s time to go home.” That was our cue that sundown was near and it was time to go home.  Tyler and Jim were waiting at home for our return.  Tyler was barely 3 months old.  I was an eager young wife when I first answered God’s call on my life.  I started out this quest, excited and ready, to “stand by her man.”  We were willing to go wherever God called us in this big wonderful world He had created.  We were willing to leave behind the conveniences that the United States had to offer, and raise our babies away from family and friends, away from hot running water, away from disposable diapers, and away from McDonald’s Play land.  Yes, I was ready! 

IMG_2945 (1)

But I had no clue how much I would learn about God’s unending faithfulness to meet our every need and demonstrate that only He is truly what we need.  As I lifted that shovel again and again, full of Central Mexican dirt, I was warmed throughout my entire spirit with a true sense of God’s faithfulness, steadfastness, and amazing provision for all I would need to accomplish the task at hand.  Yes, I was called to be here.  I was called to push through my sinus infection, the fatigue, the rain, because the call that God has placed on my life is there until He calls me home to Him. 

“God, who has called you into fellowship with his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, is faithful.”                      I Corinthians 1:9

   God’s faithfulness alone is enough to keep me steadfast to His call on my life.  But the truth is, He does not call me alone.  He calls all of His children to the same call; to the willingness to be used in any walk of life God places us in.  I was not digging holes, filling holes, carrying playground equipment, cleaning playground equipment by myself. I was shoulder to shoulder with 39 others who  heeded the same call.  Together, we were answering God’s call on our lives, collectively bringing this playground to their kids.  A playground here may seem like a common occurrence, but to these kids, this playground was the only one around for miles.  It would not only be a source of entertainment and exercise for the children at the church, but also a draw for other neighborhood kids to come to the church.  In many ways, we felt that the playground would bring joy and laughter to the children, and potentially a relationship with God and His Son as well.  And not just for the kids, but also for their parents.


    What are you called to do with the life God has given you?  Are you called to be an example in your children’s school, to parents who may not know Him?  Are you called to shine His light in a playground you find yourself in in your neighborhood?  Are you called to serve and be the hands and feet of Jesus at your church?  Are you called to be an example of His love and kindness in your workplace?  In your family?  Or, in line at the grocery store? Wherever He has called you to be, He has called you to be His hands and feet.



 God is faithful when He calls you.

   One of my greatest blessings on this mission trip to Temoaya, Mexico, was being reminded of the call God placed on my life.  I want to be found faithful to love the way He loves, to serve the way He serves, to be willing to go wherever He calls me to go, and to be His hands and feet, every single day.

  “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.” Mark 16:15

We are all called by God to share His good news, whether it is through our deeds, our words, our prayers, or our finances.  Some are senders and some are goers.  But we are all called by God. Let’s be faithful to that call!

Next week, I can’t wait to share with you about Servanthood! Until then…

Speak Truth Love

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