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  Welcome to SPEAK TRUTH LOVE, A blog about, wait for it…speaking God’s truth in love! Easier said than done, right? I know of what I speak, this blog has been years in the making!

I sensed God asking me to speak. To use the voice He gave me to say something for Him! I felt God tugging at my heart as He urged me to write Truth; Truth with a capital T, ABSOLUTE TRUTH, in a world where we are subjected to NO ABSOLUTES, where everything is relative. I clearly heard Him tell me to do it all in love, because GOD IS LOVE!
It is not as simple as it seems. Starting was the hardest part! Isn’t it always? We know we need to exercise so we join the gym, we look up the diet, we buy the cleanse…but starting it, impossible!
I see the need to paint the walls in my house. I stare at them, decide what color would be perfect, what new wall decor would compliment the color, the throw pillows, afghans, etc…The days go by, and those days turn into weeks, the weeks turn into months, and even worse sometimes the months turn into years…and I still haven’t painted the walls! Why is starting so hard?

Well, we are adults, living in an adult centered world, with responsibilities that overwhelm us and sometimes even paralyze us. We’re afraid to make a mistake, afraid of being judged, criticized, or someone finding out that we are less than perfect. Not just by the world, but by those who are closest to us. Meanwhile, while we are fretting, worrying, striving for perfection, we simply end up wasting time. God never asked us to be perfect! He wants us to love Him, to listen to Him, and to obey Him. To become childlike!

“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:3

Have you ever seen a child begin to walk? How do they do it? One step at a time! That’s our goal! That’s the key to starting…one step at a time. So that’s what I’m doing, I’m putting one foot in front of the other, and taking one step at a time as I speak God’s Truth in Love!
  If you stop by hoping to find a woman who is perfect in speaking Truth, living her life, loving others, and following God…you will be disappointed! I will fall off of that perfection pedestal faster than you can put me on it! I am just a woman with a voice, A child of God who depends on her heavenly Father to accomplish anything! A child who needs to be loved in her failures as much as in her accomplishments! A woman who clings to the hope of God’s Word and His Love!
My hope and prayer is that you will take steps with me. That you will walk alongside me in this journey, and that you too will become childlike as you trust in what He has for you. That you’ll visit SpeakTruthLove and look to see if God is speaking any truth to you.
In doing so, prayerfully, you will be encouraged, supported, and feel built up in the love of God to do what He has put you on this planet to do. God has a special and unique purpose for each and every one of us! For you who work at your dream job; for you who are still looking for your dream job; for you in the marriage you always hoped for; for you who are looking for the marriage you hope for; for you who are called to singleness; for you who are raising your family; for you who are living in your dream home; for you who are looking for a home…no matter what age, stage, or season you find yourself in, God is calling you to the unique purpose that He has put you on this Earth for.
So how do you start? How do you find it? By taking one step at a time! Join me, won’t you? We are in this together! Let’s become childlike, as we trust, obey, join hands, and take one step at a time together, and learn to become His children again!

*Every week I’ll leave you with a TRUTH BOMB to encourage & challenge you! I’d love to hear your comments on how you are challenged by God’s Truth!*


“Whoever humbles himself,(herself), like this child, this one is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:4

Do you want to be GREAT? Then humble yourself. You must realize in your own strength, following the world’s pattern of greatness, you will never accomplish it. God’s economy is upside down from the world’s economy. Humble yourself, become childlike, and He will make you GREAT!

See you next time when I Speak God’s Truth about my New Year’s Resolution to “Lift Jesus Higher!”

8 thoughts on “Welcome to SpeakTruthLove

  1. Love you with all my heart!! So proud of you for your faithfulness, and so eager to hear more from your heart in this context. Xox


  2. So proud of you, Momma!! Wow. You’re doing it! Beyond proud of who you are and how you’re letting God SHINE through your faithfulness to Him. Love you forever!


  3. Thank you Jodi! Love and value our friendship!

    Love you Ty and Allie, more than words can say! Your love, support and encouragement give me the courage and strength I need to take these steps of faith! Love you with my whole heart!


  4. My friend I’m so excited to gain wisdom that only our Lord can give us. He uses you to this. I am soooooooooooooooooooo happy to see you smile as you share His word so we can all grow with It. Gosh! You’re doing it! I am blessed to call you my friend. Looking forward to reading every blog. Kisses


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