Are you a big picture kind of person or a small picture kind of person?

Do you order a tall, a grande, or a venti drink at Starbucks?

Do you “supersize” your menu item (dietary issues aside, go with your gut here), or do you order the small coke and fries?

Do you relish a one on one coffee date, or a “pull out all the stops” invite every friend I know kind of party bash?

Do you love receiving that single long stemmed rose or prefer the whole dozen?

Does your heart skip a beat when it’s your birthday and a single cupcake is set in front of you with one candle glowing in it? Or are you waiting for the whole birthday cake set ablaze by however many candles it takes to represent your age?

I think my cake would cause the fire department to be called!

If you’ve taken this short survey with me, you have probably realized that you fall on one side or the other. You are a big picture person or a small picture person! There is no right or wrong here! It is simply our make up. It is the character that we were born with. It takes both sides to bring balance.

As God has called me to “lean into the small things and find joy“, I have just realized that I am a “big picture person!“

And this is a challenge for me!

My entire family would call me into accountability for lying if I told you that I ever order anything smaller than a Venti at Starbucks!

While I can appreciate the simplicity of a single flower…bring on the entire bouquet please!

And that birthday cake…that cupcake would just be an appetizer!

So being the “big picture” person that I am, I will accept the challenge!

For the month of August, I will dedicate my Blog to finding one small thing to find joy in and posting it!

Here’s why…





So, if you are a small picture person this will be easy for you! You naturally have already learned to lean into God and find him in the small things!

If you are a big picture person, it will be more of a challenge for you like it has been for me! But let’s do this!

Let’s allow God to refocus us from what our natural bend may be, and see Him in the smallest and the simplest of things! I believe this is exactly where we will find Him waiting, and HE IS OUR JOY!


I combined the joy of frothy foam on the top of my morning coffee cup with the reading of the first verse of the day from God’s Word!
The challenge was to do NOTHING ELSE AND TALK TO NO ONE ELSE before I covered that steaming cup of coffee with foam, sat down and opened up God’s Word, read one verse and then just SAT! That’s right, I just SAT! I was still and listened for God to speak to me!
 My spirit was calm, my mind was quiet and my heart was filled with JOY! God met me there in that joy-filled moment of simplicity!
My “BIG-PICTURE” character would have brushed my teeth, made the bed, put a load of laundry in the wash machine, turned my phone on and listened to my Bible app, etc…etc…etc…All before filling my cup with coffee, covering it in luscious foam and sitting with God and His Word!
Praying Joy for you this week and you do the same!

Speak Truth Love


Seems so trivial these days doesn’t it, to find joy in something as small as the foam on the top of your coffee cup?  

But I have started wondering, no, actually searching my heart and asking God if it is in the small things that He wants me to find joy?

The small things that I can still find in the midst of chaos and crisis. And as I lean into these seemingly small, insignificant things, God reminds me, “Isn’t it in expecting or looking for the “BIG” things that you get discouraged, depressed, and defeated?  

I have to ask myself, Do I spend too much of my time looking at the “BIG” thing? The fact that I don’t have it, or that I desire it, and then get discouraged because it isn’t here yet, or I can’t have it, or it’s too expensive, or I can’t attain it, or the world is fighting against me to get it…you fill in the blank!

So, I’m beginning to ask God if indeed it is in the small things that He gives me each day that I am to find Him in!

Like the laughter of my grandchildren as they climb high up on the “spider web” climber at the park and reach greater heights than they did the year before! Like the exhilaration you feel when you reach the top! The joy of hearing the squeals of laughter that come from my grandchildren as they spin around and around on the super spinner at the playground! The joy of sticking your fingers into fresh dough and kneading it and watching it rise. The joy of squeezing four of you into one big bed and snuggling close and saying goodnight prayers together. The joy of knowing this may be the worst night of sleep, but the most joyful! Finding joy in singing the ‘Chick-a-boom’ song with my precious granddaughter over a FaceTime call. The joy of seeing her little head rest on her shoulders as she hears the words,’Chick-a-boom, Chick-a-boom don’t you just love it…’ 

The joy of a phone call with a friend knowing you heard her heart and she heard yours! The joy of listening to a song, seeing a beautiful flower or smelling fresh cookies bake!

I believe that it is in the seemingly “small” things that we find God’s joy. And it is in the letting go of the striving for the “BIG” things that brings contentment and focus!

You will fill me with joy in your presence.” Psalm 16:11




Speak Truth Love

Travel Journal To Contentment, Week 10

We are content when we walk in the light of God!

Question: What are you afraid of? Most of us are afraid of something!

Are You afraid of snakes? Are you afraid of spiders? Are you afraid of all things reptile or creepy crawly? Maybe you are afraid of those eerie clowns that seem to have a freakish, perma smile on their faces?  Actually, I think everyone may be afraid of those!

Maybe your fear is a bit more serious. Maybe you are afraid of being alone. Maybe you are afraid of heights.

Fears and phobias are real and they can be debilitating!  

A fear turns into a phobia when it becomes a fear that is a persistent, irrational, fear of a specific object, activity or situation.  Fear sends our nervous system into overload!

I have a fear that sends my nervous system into overload. I am afraid of the dark!

As far back as I can remember, from the time I was a tiny girl, I have been afraid of the dark!

The minute the light goes out, I feel that funny feeling in the pit of my stomach.

If there is a stream of light coming from a window or a cracked door, or better yet, a night light in the room, I feel better. I feel a peace knowing I can see what is around me!

Funny thing is, the minute the light is turned back on, or a flashlight illuminates the area around me, I see that everything is the same as it was before the light went out.

In I John 1:5 the words that Jesus speaks about LIGHT brings comfort to all of us regardless of what fear we struggle with…

God is LIGHT, and there is no darkness in Him at all.”  I John 1:5

GOD IS LIGHT, His Love and Presence shine on us no matter what circumstance we find ourselves in, no matter what situation we are faced with and no matter what state our government is in!  

God’s Light shines through our distress and brings peace in difficult times!

God’s Light shines through our hopelessness and brings Hope where there was none!

God’s Light shines in the darkness and illuminates the path so that we can walk with confidence and direction!

The best part of all is that if God is living in us then His Light is shining through us! We are able to walk in the Light as He is in the Light!  We do not have to give into fear, we can allow His Light to shine and His path to be made clear!

I admit that I still love waking up in the morning and seeing the light of the sun streaming in through my windows much more that the darkness of night. But I sleep safe and sound knowing The God of Light is present with me always!

God’s Bright Light breaks through any “darkness” we are going through! It breaks through worry, anxiety, sickness, job-loss, relationship breakdown, self-doubt, and yes, even the coronavirus and if the candidate of your choice is not winning!

God’s Light is brighter than anything we face!




Walk in His Light my friends! Your steps will feel lighter and easier as you keep in step with Him!

Speak Truth Love


On our Road to CONTENTMENT, does anything throw us off course like something that is NEW?

New can bring excitement, anticipation and even freedom from boredom, but it does not typically bring CONTENTMENT!

I recall two specific events in my life that were NEW each year and each brought excitement, anticipation and freedom from the boredom of a long, hot Summer.  One was in my childhood and one in my adulthood.  They were both the NEW start to a NEW school year!

As a child I could not wait for the NEW school year to begin! I would dream about the new classroom I would enter, the new desk I would sit at, and the new subjects I would learn.

The excitement and anticipation gave me butterflies in my stomach as I thought about it throughout the long, hot days of Summer.  But as the day drew near, my butterflies turned to a down right stomach ache at the thought of everything being NEW!

The “NEWNESS” of the school year was both thrilling and terrifying! What would my NEW  teacher be like? Would I be able to do well with my NEW subjects? Would the NEW students in my class like me?  Would I find my NEW desk in my NEW classroom? Would my NEW teacher even remember to put a NEW nametag on a NEW desk for me?

The “NEWNESS” of a NEW school year was producing some anxiety and fear over the UNKNOWN of the NEW!

That was when I was a child. As an adult I experienced similar emotions to the NEW when I became a teacher.

I dreamt of the NEW school year all Summer long! I imagined my NEW classroom decorated perfectly with wonderful learning tools for my students. I pictured my NEW students sitting in their desks and eagerly learning all that the academic year held for them!

I grew excited as I studied the NEW curriculum for that year and planned creative ways to instruct the children. The night before school was to begin, the “NEWNESS” became a nightmare instead of a dream and kept me up all night long!

Once again, the “NEWNESS” of a NEW school year was both thrilling and terrifying as I was faced with the unknown!

The NEW that I experienced in both my childhood and adulthood of going to school on the first day was and still is one of my very favorite of days! I loved everything about it!

All of the NEW that it held, even the unknown and the anticipated!

There is a reality that brings CONTENTMENT when we push through the unknown of the NEW, to reach the known of the NEW.

It is the moment when we take the steps down the NEW hallway, through the NEW door, that leads to our NEW desk, and we sit down realizing tomorrow that path will be known!

It is the moment we raise our hand and ask a question and realize our NEW subject is becoming known to us!

It is the moment we find a seat in the cafeteria and a NEW friend sits down beside us and we realize they are now known to us!

These and many more NEW moments like them bring CONTENTMENT as we realize the NEW that was unknown, has now become known. We are content and confident to walk in this NEW and make something good of it! 

Jesus intends for us to embrace the NEW, walk in it with His strength and confidence and gain CONTENTMENT through it.

In the book of Revelation Jesus tells us that He is making everything NEW.  We do not need to worry about or fear the NEW because He is Trustworthy and True!

And The One sitting on the throne said, ‘Look, I am making everything NEW!’ And then He said to me, “Write this down, for what I tell you is Trustworthy and True.”  Revelation 21:5

Today in our world it feels like everything is NEW! NEW rules for going to school, NEW rules for going to work, NEW rules for going out to eat, NEW rules for going to the store, NEW rules for getting your hair cut or your nails done!  EVERYTHING IS NEW, NEW, NEW!

We may feel overwhelmed, anxious, nervous and scared. But with Jesus, we can feel confident and secure because He is Trustworthy and True!  He makes all things NEW!

He takes our hand and walks us through the unknown, and helps make it known!

His promises are NEW every morning and He tells us in the verse right before this…

I will wipe every tear from their eyes, and there will be no more death, or sorrow, or crying, or pain. All these things are gone forever.”  Revelation 21:4


This is a PROMISE My Friends! 

We can face any unknown when we face it with Jesus!

We can trust in Him that He is making all things NEW and will make them known because He is Trustworthy.

We can walk in the unknown because He has told us He is with us and He is True!



God makes the unknown known when we are willing to step into His NEW!

Speak Truth Love


How many times as a child did I hear the story of Jesus calming the storm?

Too many to keep count! I loved all of the Bible stories that my grandma would tell us.

I loved curling up with a warm, fuzzy blanket at the foot of the bed and listening to my mom read us Bible stories out of the ‘Big Book of Bible Stories!’

I felt stronger as a young girl as I listened as David, a small shepherd boy and the youngest of his brothers, picked up 5 small stones and killed the GIANT!

I felt adventurous as I listened as Jonah sat in the belly of the whale and then spoke God’s truth to the people of Nineveh!

I felt royal as I listened as Esther became the Queen and spoke boldly for her people!

I felt loved as I listened to Jesus call the children to Himself and sit and spend time with them!

But there was always one story that made me feel CONTENT!

I felt CONTENT as I listened to the story of Jesus calming the waves and the storm!

Each time I would listen closely as the disciples were on the boat with Jesus, the storm struck suddenly, and they were afraid! They ran to wake Jesus up and He calmed the storm!

Then Jesus got into the boat and started across the lake with His disciples. Suddenly, a fierce storm struck the lake, with waves breaking into the boat. But Jesus was sleeping. The disciples went and woke Him up, shouting, “Lord, SAVE US!” We’re going to drown!”  Matthew 8:23-25

They were with Jesus, yet they were frightened and scared!

Have you ever been in a physical storm on the sea or by the sea?

I found myself in one at the beginning of this month!  We were visiting friends in Newport Beach for the first week of July. They have a home only a block away from the sands leading to the sea. We had taken a sunset walk on July 3rd, and witnessed the waves crashing hard on the shore and the spray from the waves rising tens of feet into the sky!  As we continued walking down the boardwalk we heard screams and saw people running with their cameras in hand to snap photos of the water rushing up hundreds of yards and covering the sand! It was quite a sight to see, but nothing we were afraid of.


We got home just before dark and had dinner on the outdoor patio. We lit the fire in the fire pit to roast s’mores and noticed the line of cars forming on the street in front of the house. The cars were not moving! They had no where to go! The water of the sea had not stopped rising and the waves had not stopped crashing!  Before we knew it much of Balboa and Newport were flooded!

It was an erie feeling as we sat and watched streets flooded, shops full of water and sand covering miles of property. That night as we went to bed we saw reports of boats smashed, people rescued out of the rising water and cars stuck in parking lots and filling up with water.

I lived in Southern California for 30 years and never saw this type of a storm!

I did sleep that night as I realized that God was in control and I was not. There was nothing I could do to calm the storm, only He could!  I prayed for the safety of everyone and found CONTENTMENT in knowing Jesus was with me and He was no stranger to storms!

Jesus responded, ‘WHY ARE YOU AFRAID? YOU HAVE SO LITTLE FAITH!’ Then He got up and rebuked the wind and the waves, and suddenly there was a great calm.
Matthew 8:26

As I layed my head down that night in Newport with the waves crashing around outside, I remembered those words of CONTENTMENT just as I had as a small child listening to them…

Jesus got up and rebuked the wind and the waves and there was GREAT CALM!

I needed GREAT CALM that night and I need it now! As we face yet another “Shut down,” and our efforts to re-open are slowed, I need a “GREAT CALM” that only Jesus can give!

CONTENTMENT in the midst of this COVID Storm we are in, may seem near impossible!

But Friends, JESUS WANTS TO BE IN OUR BOAT! When He is, HE WILL CALM THE STORM! The circumstances around us may swirl and cause quite a mess, but Jesus will bring CALM and CONTENTMENT in our souls!

I realized laying there that night that the words of God’s Truth shared with me as a young child had brought CONTENTMENT, and those same words of TRUTH brought CONTENTMENT that night and each night and day that Jesus is in my boat!

He takes my life’s circumstances and “SUDDENLY THERE IS A GREAT CALM!”

He will do the same for you! Let Him climb in the boat of your life and He will calm every storm and bring CONTENTMENT!




Speak Truth Love

Travel Journal, Week 7

If we are to find true CONTENTMENT we must HUMBLE ourselves, PRAY, SEEK GOD’S FACE(turn to Him),and TURN AWAY FROM OUR WICKED WAYS!


We just celebrated the birthday of our nation. A baby nation in comparison to the world nations. A nation that was formed as one nation under God!

We have been blessed to celebrate this holiday for the past three years with our best friends! They have generously and humbly opened up their home to us on Newport Beach. We walk, swim, play in the sand, body surf, boogie board, ride bikes, play games, cook together and eat together! Best of all we refresh and renew our bodies, minds and spirits! It is truly a gift from God to our family!

One of our favorite memories of our times together in Newport is the way they celebrate the Fourth of July! We have participated in the neighborhood parade and decorated our bikes and scooters and walked together celebrating our country’s birthday! We picnic in the park and end the day on the sand looking out at the ocean as magnificent fireworks burst into the open sky above!

This year we were unsure if we would be allowed by our state to even travel!

We prayed and were excited as things began to “open up!”  We packed our cars and made the trip from Northern California to Southern California. We arrived to find out that the parade and the festivities have been canceled but we would still be able to celebrate as friends and family! We spent two days at the beach before the state closed the beaches. On the evening of July 3rd, at sunset, as we walked along the boardwalk of the beach we witnessed the highest surge of surf we have ever seen! As we neared the end of our walk, the surf had risen so high that it was coming up and covering all of the sand beach area and nearing the homes that are beachfront properties.

It was truly a sight to see and nothing we had ever experienced in our years living in Southern California.

We returned home, made dinner and sat outside around the fire pit eating together.

The street began to get crowded with cars and we heard sirens all around us! The surf was continuing to rise and it was washing through and flooding the streets!

This would lead to a Fourth of July celebration like we’ve never experienced before!

The beaches were closed, the streets were flooded, covid was back on the rise, places of worship were told they couldn’t sing, and racial tension was still at an all-time high!

Where was God in all of this?

Asking His people to look to Him!

This experience led me to lean into God like never before! To look to Him and remember that He is my help, our help!

When we are celebrating our FREEDOM on a day our Nation sets aside to celebrate our FREEDOM and our FREEDOM seems to be wavering as much as the American flag flying overhead, where does our help come from?

The answer is and always will be the same…

My help comes from The Lord, who made heaven and earth.”  Psalm 121:2

And it is echoed further in Psalm…

Our help is from The Lord, who made heaven and earth.”  Psalm 124:8

Again and again as God’s people are doing their best to live this life He has given them,  they face trial after trial just as we are! 

The answer was and still is the same…


No matter if it is help on a personal level we need or help as a Nation…OUR HELP COMES FROM THE LORD!

He is the maker of heaven and earth!

He is the Creator and the author of Life! 

He is the only One in whom true FREEDOM is found!




FREEDOM IS FOUND IN HUMILITY: When God’s people humble themselves and pray He will heal their land.

Nothing feels like or looks quite the same right now. The sense of loss and change can leave us feeling helpless and that can lead to hopelessness!

But we are never without help and never without hope!

GOD IS OUR HELP! He is still on the throne and He is never caught off guard!

Speak Truth Love


Saying Goodbye is hard!

My husband likes to say that no one likes change but a wet baby! I think he’s right! Most of us like waking up in the morning and knowing the way things are. We check our weather apps to make sure we anticipate the kind of day we’re heading into. We check our calendars the night before and schedule our day accordingly. If an unanticipated need or call arises we simply can’t fit it in. After all, we’ve already planned our day! And if at the conclusion of our day, things did not go “as planned“ then we chalk it up to a “Bad Day!”

If we are being totally honest with ourselves we have to admit that at the core of our being we don’t like change!

So what happens to us when we have to say goodbye?

When someone we love moves away and change is inevitable!

In our search to find contentment this cannot only rock our boat, it can capsize it!

Is contentment even possible when life throws hard changes our way?

The answer is yes!

Contentment may not come easily, but it is available to us when our trust is in the Lord!

Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.” John 14:1

Did you catch that? It’s not an option when we follow Jesus to have our hearts be troubled! There is a period after the first statement in this verse,


Period. Do NOT let your hearts be troubled!

It is a direct statement from God to us.

When we trust in Him our hearts are to be at peace, and at rest. We are not to live in a troubled state. The Bible goes on to say, as those who have no hope. We know where our hope comes from! Our hope comes from the Lord not in our circumstances and not in our world where things are changing on the daily!

But God does not leave us hanging! Right after this statement is the answer on how to not let our hearts be troubled…


When you put your TRUST in God first, then

Entrust you’re loved ones to God, you find CONTENTMENT!

There is no candy coating it, when we have to say goodbye to those we love, it hurts! It also brings CHANGE that is uninvited and very disruptive!

Not only is our schedule disrupted, but when our loved ones are no longer near us, our hearts are disrupted!

I can say with a pure heart that a mother’s heart finds true contentment when she entrusts her children’s hearts to God!


Knowing your loved ones belong to God eases the goodbye and brings true contentment to your soul!

So in this season as we say “goodbye“ to our son, daughter-in-law and precious granddaughter, we are content in knowing they are in God’s hands and there is no better place to be!




Trusting in God with all of our hello’s and Goodbye’s brings true contentment and is the only path to travel down!

Mark that down in your Travel Journal!

Trust in God, and believe me, you will find contentment!

Speak Truth Love

Travel Journal, Week 5

On the road to contentment, it is often necessary to get directions! 

Have you ever taken a trip, planned a trip, or found yourself debating on whether to take a trip or not?  And then realized, you had no directions!

You have thought about, dreamt of, and even seen pictures of this destination, yet never looked up or mapped out the directions.

Now assuming you are not a 19 year old reading this, deciding to backpack through Europe with nothing but your backpack, I would imagine the directions and mapping out a course would be vital! It is no different when we chart a course for contentment.

Jesus charted the course for the most important assignment of his life on earth: He had just three years to impact the world with the truth of the gospel message! The very first thing He did was was to put in place the direction for the next three years His vital ministry would take.

He chose His disciples! 

It was the biggest and most important decision He would make.

We read the process He took in finding his direction:

One day soon afterward, Jesus went up on a mountain to pray, and he prayed to God all night. At daybreak, he called together all of his disciples (aka followers) and chose twelve of them to be apostles.” 

Luke 6:12-13

There were five distinct steps Jesus took in finding direction:

1. He got direction by seeking God the Father in prayer. The first place we must go to find contentment is at the feet of our Father in Heaven, through prayer.

2. He dug out relevant information. He asked himself, “Who are these men? What knowledge, gifts and talents do they have in certain areas to carry out the mission? Who is most likely to have a willing spirit and obey me?

 We need to dig out information regarding our current circumstances, and find relevance in the Truth, regardless of what is swirling around us.

3. He was deliberate. He chose twelve out of all his disciples/followers, and reflected on the pros and cons of each person.

We need to be deliberate, and spend enough time reflecting and examining pros and cons as we move forward.

4. Jesus made a decision. Jesus chose the twelve and moved forward with assurance and confidence in His decision.

We must put our decisions into motion. Delaying too long causes discontent anxiety, and eventually more worry.

5. Jesus evaluated His decision, and stood firm. Jesus is truly God, and we are not. His decision would not require the evaluation and adjustment that our decisions will. We must evaluate our decisions, observing the consequences, and make the necessary adjustments to achieve contentment. It is often the second decision–for us, not Jesus–that is just as important as the first decision!




Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths.”   Proverbs 3:5-6

Speak Truth Love



What felt like solid ground 4 months ago, feels now like sinking sand! What came easily like breathing, has been turned upside down and made difficult. What felt “known” has become unknown, and what felt secure has become unstable!

I find myself uttering the words to God…

“Why such struggle?  Why such unrest?”

As I strive to find contentment, I seem to feel less content than ever!

And the response comes right back to me in the form of my own question…




My heart is convicted and my spirit is pierced!

And so my question turns to…


How can I find contentment in the chaos and the calm?

How can I trust your will in the struggle, and be used by you in it to bring about your freedom?

The response is clear and sure…


MATTHEW 22:37-39

I am to love God with every part of my being! To read His word of Truth and to let it fill me with compassion and cause that compassion to move me into action!

My mind reads and focuses on God’s Word!  My spirit fills to overflowing with God’s compassion for all His people.  My heart moves to LOVE OTHERS, seeing no righs and wrongs, just differences!

Suddenly I feel CONTENT knowing that God had the plan all along!  I just need to do my part in it!

I learned this formula today and I believe it applies beautifully to this scripture…




If we are willing to LISTEN to hear the heart and pain of others we are expanding our minds.

If we are willing to LEARN what we do not know or understand we are exercising our spirits.

If we are willing to LEAD (MOVE) into action and do something in Jesus name we are displaying our hearts.




Jesus is the answer friends!  He always has been and He always will be!


I Love you!


Speak Truth Love


The Road to Contentment…

It feels like a roller coaster!

Contentment can feel like a roller coaster, up and down, up and down, upside down and all around until your equilibrium is so thrown off that you feel like you are going to be sick!

What is the biggest, scariest roller coaster you have ever been on?

I’m talking about the ones that really mess you up!  Not the ones that send chills up your arms or put a thrill in your belly. I mean the ones that rip you apart inside as they soar high, crash low and spin from side to side and upside down!

That’s right, got the picture?  Stepping off that ride, rushing to the nearest bush and grabbing your stomach as you double over and let it fly!

It’s that feeling that you are no longer in control and your body has taken over. You are in pain, cramping up and heaving at your bodies whim!

I believe that many of us are experiencing this same feeling of sickness and loss of control during this current season of the Corona Pandemic and Racial Tension. 

We feel like things are simply ‘Out of Control!’ That our world has been shaken up so hard, turned upside down, side to side and up and down, that we feel sick and nauceous! We would almost feel relief if we could throw up!


This week in our Travel Journals we need to record Godly Direction by which we can find contentment in the middle of the storm.

I have shared openly and honestly with you that Hope and Encouragement are my jam!They are my natural go to!  CONTENTMENT to me is the “C” Word!

This comes to me quite naturally. I was raised by a very strong Dad who had a very strong work ethic and passed that down to my sisters and I. One of my responsibilities growing up was to feed the horses in the evening. I was raised in the city, but was blessed to live on an acre and 1/4 of property zoned for all kinds of animals, including horses. One night when my dad returned home for work we all sat down at the table to eat dinner. My dad looked at me and asked if I had fed the horses. My eyes got huge as I replied that I had not yet fed them. I jumped up out of my chair to run and feed them when my dad called me back and told me to sit down. He said that he heard them neighing as he pulled in the driveway and he fed them. He then told me that I would not eat dinner with the family that night so that I could understand how they felt when they did not get fed. He reminded me that unlike myself, they could not go get their own food when they were hungry!

Now, before you report my Dad for child abuse, I need to let you know that I did not starve, I had eaten plenty that day, and I did learn a very valuable lesson! I learned that when I did not put the work in it was not only I that suffered! I guarantee you, I never forgot to feed the horses again!

Is it any surprise that my favorite verse in the Bible is Philippians 4:13?

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I was raised with that ‘All American Value’ to “pull yourself up by your own boot straps” and get it done!

Problem is, life does not always work out that way!

WE can find ourselves in a world that is not practicing the “Love One Another” commandment from the Bible. We can find ourselves in a job loss that was not our fault! We can find ourselves in a relationship that does not seem to heal no matter how hard we try!

Truth is, we can be practicing Philippians 4:13 to the greatest of our ability and our world can remain a Roller Coaster Ride!

That is why God always includes the verses before and after one another to accomplish the entire meaning.

A great Hero of the Faith, The Apostle Paul, just two verses before writes, “I can do all things…”, writes the direction we must follow to achieve true contentment in Christ!

I have learned how to be content with whatever I have. I know how to live on almost nothing or with everything. I have learned the secret of living in every situation, whether it is with a full stomach or empty,  with plenty or little.”  

Philippians 4:11-12


I was reading Philippians 4:13 with that “Can Do” spirit. In actuality it was the entire reason for CONTENTMENT!

If Paul can say it from a prison cell, I can say it from right here…

Regardless of my circumstances, regardless of my full or empty stomach, regardless of my financial situation, regardless of my employment status, regardless of my positive or negative relationships, and regardless of the state of the world around me,

I can do all things (and be content), through Christ who gives me strength!



God is our direction no matter what we or the world around us is going through!

Let’s log that in our travel journals!

God is our direction no matter what we or the world around us is going through! We can learn to be content in any and all circumstances when we trust in the strength of Christ in us!

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