Moving Day!

You’ve heard it said before, moving is an action! It’s impossible to move forward without putting your body into motion. We were not created to stand still. Atrophy would set in within a matter of days. Soreness, instability, and eventually the inability to move at all-AKA, paralysis. Any physician will tell you that movement is as critical to your body’s well-being as proper nutrition. The Great Physician created us with movement in mind! It is the essence of who we are, and who He demonstrated for us to be. Staying in one place only long enough to hear His Father call Him to the next place He must go. He desires nothing less from us. While our human nature pulls us in the opposite direction, causing us to desire comfort, control, and security in what we know, His heart’s desire for us is to MOVE into true security by being smack dab in the middle of His will. The “comfort zone” truly can become the “danger zone,” when we fail to hear His call and heed it!

Moving is never easy. The physical labor alone can almost kill you, or at least bring you to your whit’s end. Preserving through the last month with my kids has hit me smack dab in the middle of this realization. Not only did they open their hearts, minds, and spirits to hear God’s call, they MOVED through the difficult process of heeding His call and faced the physical, emotional, and spiritual journey that MOVING calls us to.

Truth Bomb


You can’t move onto the new without letting go of the old!




My children have demonstrated their faith, obedience and commitment to God’s call no matter how difficult the act of MOVING in His direction is. I could not be more proud!

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.
‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭3:20-21‬ ‭

This is the passage my Pastor growing up, Pastor Lee Thoms, always spoke over our congregation every single Sunday as we MOVED out of Church to live our lives that week. It is my prayer for myself, and for everyone bold, strong, and courageous enough to continuing MOVING in the direction God is calling you!

Speak Truth Love

Mid-Summer Refreshment: Week 4

Anyone but me underestimate the power of the sun this summer, and the need for protection from it?

Sunscreen is protection from the invisible ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. Two types of sun rays invisibly penetrate our skin, UVA and UVB rays are both invisible dangers.

If you hope to go home from that ball game, beach trip, park day, nature hike or bike ride without being burnt, you must slather on that protection! Most of us would never dream of being outside without it.

It is actually thought of by most, to be negligent and foolish if you don’t put sunscreen on. The obvious harm is sunburn, but invisible dangers also exist. Skin cancer, premature skin aging and wrinkles may be liveable, but many skin cancers are not. They can become quickly dangerous and even life threatening! Bottom line is that we spend lots of money, time and effort making sure our bodies are protected and provided with an invisible shield from invisible attackers.

However, when it comes to reading, studying and daily applying the Word of God to our lives, we often leave ourselves exposed, vulnerable and in jeopardy of the invisible efforts of this world and satan to burn us spiritually and infect us with harmful and even deadly thoughts and influences.

But friends, we have the greatest defense in all the world! It is undeniably more powerful than any sunscreen on the market! It is direct access to the Son of God, His Word and to the limitless power He alone possess!

God’s way is perfect. All the Lord’s promises prove true. He is a shield for all who look to Him for protection.

Psalm 18:30




God is perfect! His promises are true!

When we “slather” our spirits with His Word, He is our shield and we are protected!

Best part, there is no cost for this perfect protection. It is free, you need only come to Him and give Him your time. He is waiting for you!


Walking in God’s ways provide perfect protection!

Have a blessed week friends!

Speak Truth Love

Mid-Summer Refreshment: Week 3

On a hot Summer day how much water does it take to revive your body? Experts tell us that in order to stay properly hydrated our bodies need approximately 1/2 liter of water an hour. In the case of high heat or strenuous exercise, the need increases to 1 liter of water an hour!

Sitting on the beach with my grandbabies, we can get easily distracted and caught up in our “beach” activities and forget to hydrate! Just last week this happened to me! I was having a blast being “Mamma!” We we’re running, playing, laughing and having a great time together. I made sure they were drinking water, but neglected to keep myself properly hydrated. Our day was coming to an end, the sun was beginning to set, and I found myself dizzy, nauseated and unsure of the reason. I jumped to the conclusion of not enough protein in my diet that day, but soon after quickly realized it was dehydration. It nearly knocked me off my feet. To think that a few sips of water consistently throughout my day would have avoided the entire issue, was down right embarrassing!

How frequently do I allow the distractions and commitments and yes, even the activity of my day, keep me from dehydrating my spirit with God’s Law?

Psalm 19:7 “The law of the LORD is perfect, reviving the soul.



Hydration revives us inside and out!


Stay hydrated in The Law of The Lord, it revives both body and spirit!


So, “CHEERS” to staying hydrated this Summer! Glasses up, and Bibles open!

See you here, healthy and hydrated next week as July moves on!


Speak Truth Love

Mid-Summer Refreshment: Week 2

The lazy days of summer are getting to me! My mornings are running into my afternoons and into my long evenings! Hence, the reason for this blog getting posted later than usual.

How are the lazy days of summer treating you?

Are you feeling a little parched? Maybe your spirit could use a dose of refreshment.

When you think of being refreshed, what pops into your mind the quickest?

Do you think of a cool refreshing dip into a swimming pool? Or maybe jumping into a brisk lake. Or, maybe it’s jumping the waves in the ocean and having the foam of the water rush over your toes.

My granddaughter who is six going on twenty, recently asked me the question, “Mama, what does refreshing mean?” I thought for a minute, and then replied to her that it was like when she and her brother were playing in the park on that late summer evening. I said, “remember when you were hot and tired from playing and you asked me for some water? When I gave you that cup of water you felt refreshed.”

Then she replied, “oh yeah, it’s like when you gave Cade and I those refreshing strawberry lemonade Popsicles you made us!” 

Perfect example baby girl!

Refreshment comes to us physically typically by a cool refreshing sip of something wet, or dipping our feet or selves into a cool body of water. I have a recipe for my favorite summer refreshment I call it, Lemon Refresher!

Take your favorite summer glass, add ice(crushed or cubed which ever you prefer), splash the bottom with sparkling lemonade, my favorite of choice is simply raspberry pink lemonade or sparkling pink lemonade from Trader Joe’s. Then add sparkling water to the brim. After that, cut a fresh slice of lemon squeeze the lemon juice straight into the glass and top with the slice of lemon. Lastly, add a straw and sip away! It’s pure summer refreshment in a glass!

Spiritually, I feel refreshed when I let go of my to do list, put aside my calendar, and set my mind free from being perfect and in control. I opened up the Word of God, I allow the words to soak into my mind, heart and spirit. And then I spend time with others, those I love, the ones that refresh me as I pour in and refresh them!

Proverbs 11:25 

The generous will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.

Truth Bomb


The best way to refresh yourself, is to refresh others!

I was recently blessed with a week away from all of my “to do’s! I was able to be in the heart of God’s beautiful creation, with those that I love the most! My spirit was refreshed as I opened up his Word each morning, took it into my spirit, walked to the beach hand-in-hand with those I love most, watch the grandeur of the rolling waves hit the endless sand, and watch those I love play, laugh with glee and run to their hearts content! I was blessed to be able to cook for them, take care of them, walk hand in hand with them and enjoy the refreshment of their company as I poured into them!

My spirit was refreshed as I’ve poured into them and they poured into me!

Lemon Drop🍋

Stay Refreshed by Refreshing Others!

God’s Word is the perfect antidote to whatever ails us! Isn’t it so like God, that whatever the world tells us to do to refresh, is upside down in God’s economy! When we feel tired and weary all we want to do is get away from people! We think that taking care of ourselves by retreating somewhere alone will cure whatever ails us. But God tells us that refreshment, true refreshment, comes when we give back to others. We are truly refreshed when we refresh others. There’s no denying it, some people take everything we have! Truthfully, they drain us. But the others, I think God is talking about can be the very ones who refresh us. When we put others first, just like God does, we find true refreshment. So here’s to summer! Here’s to finding the most perfect summer sips that refresh us physically, and those beautiful times of refreshment with the ones we love the most! Stay refreshed my friends and I’ll see you back here on the blog next Tuesday!

Speak Truth Love

Mid-Summer Refreshment

The Summer is Real! The Heat is Real! No denying it now, Summer is in full swing! Staying connected to God’s Word May be our truest source of Restorative Power!


The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge.”‭‭ Psalm‬ ‭19:1-2‬ ‭

Staying Encouraged is a key component to spiritual health.

Nothing encourages my soul as deeply and profoundly as being in the midst of God’s creation, surrounded by the people I love!

God has given me, what I refer to as my “Spirit Quencher.” When my family surrounds me, and that includes my “Heart Friends,” the Friends God has given me whom share the same heart for Him and others, and we are in the middle of His glorious creation together, my spirit is quenched!

I am filled up to overflowing with God’s love and goodness. My spirit is quenched and ready to give back and face a new day.

This week I am putting my toes in the sand and jumping the waves with my grandbabies and kids! I am sipping coffee and taking in rich conversation with my heart friend and her family at their beach house. I am cooking dinner together with my deepest of loves, and laughing and enjoying it with them around an outside table under the stars.




STAY ENCOURAGED, it is your direct Spirit Quencher!

How do you stay encouraged? What fills your spirit to overflowing? Find ways to quench your spirit this summer and STAY ENCOURAGED!

Speak Truth Love

Lemonade N’ Lessons: Week 3

As we enjoy Summer and a “Break From Reality,” we must still maintain wisdom or our vacation, get-a-way, or staycation, can quickly turn into a nightmare!
One of the ways we maintain wisdom when we get away and take a break from the realities of life, is we stay physically hydrated. To not do so would cause all kinds of physical problems and quickly ruin our break!
Staying spiritually hydrated is also demonstrating wisdom and allows our lives to reflect the love of Jesus.
“But wisdom is shown to be right by the lives of those who follow it.” Luke 7:35





What “tricks of the trade” are you using this Summer to stay hydrated?
Are you remembering to sip that water throughout the day and not just when you feel thirsty?
Are you carrying that water bottle with you so you won’t be without it? Maybe you have even invested in a stylish water bottle and carrier. Maybe you have even taken it to the limit and invested in a ‘Hydration Backpack’ so you are always supplied with plenty of water?
Are you remembering to “pre-hydrate” before a strenuous activity, and are you avoiding Ice Cold Drinks and limiting your caffeine intake?
I must confess here, that I am doing a pretty good job of keeping my water intake high, and not dong a good job at all of “limiting” my caffeine intake. I mean after all, a girl must have her coffee to survive! Why else would Starbuck’s have come out with a delectable iced cold foam cappuccino?
 My favorite
Yes, they speak my language too loudly at Starbucks!
The majority of you could have quoted the above facts about staying hydrated physically before I ever wrote them.
Why? Because staying hydrated is critical to our physical health and well being. Doctors have told us that, and there are millions of articles and posts that remind of this truth every day, especially in the Summer!
Recently, only a few months back over Easter, my step-father was hospitalized with heart issues, kidney issues, and several other organs failing. He had experienced fainting spells and blurred speech and foggy mental episodes. It took them awhile to realize that he was basically DEHYDRATED! Yes, you heard me correctly, he was suffering from dehydration which was causing his body to fail.
His physical body was failing because he was neglecting to supply it with the amount of water it needed to sustain health.
I believe that spiritually our minds, hearts and spirits are becoming blurry, foggy and failing because we are not keeping them spiritually hydrated with the Word of Truth.  God’s Word is as critical to our spiritual health as water is to our physical health!
Why then is it so easy to listen to doctors who say they are experts, and believe in what the science books tell us and keep ourselves drinking physical water daily, while neglecting to hydrate our spiritual bodies and take in the critical dose of living water daily?
Because maybe, much like the crowd Jesus was speaking to in Luke chapter 7, we are fickle. We would rather pick up a new water bottle, with the latest and greatest ability to keep our water pure and decorated with our favorite colors and design, then pick up the word of God!
I have several of those high Tech water bottles myself. I pick up my water bottle daily, I clean it daily, I fill it full of fresh water daily, and I carry it with me wherever I go, daily.
I am basically never without it!
But sadly, I am often too busy, too tired, or too rushed to pick up the living water of God’s Word each morning, clean my heart and mind of any impure thoughts, fill my mind and spirit with God’s Truth, and carry that Truth with me wherever I go!
But the TRUTH is, my spiritual body will die without God’s spiritual hydration in my life daily, just as sure as my physical body will die without water daily.
So let’s commit to living our lives and taking our Summer breaks with wisdom. Stay hydrated with God’s Word daily, so that our lives will reflect the One we follow!
Stay Encouraged,
Stay Refreshed and
Stay Hydrated by The Living Word of God!


STAY ENCOURAGED: Name 3 people who encourage you:__________________________________________________
Record below why they make you feel built up and encouraged:
Write them, call them, thank them! It is good to surround ourselves by those who encourage and build us up so that we are ready to love those God puts in our lives!
Read these scriptures and savor the truth about how much God loves you! Below each passage write how it makes you feel encouraged.
I John 4:9 “God showed how much He loved us by sending His one and only Son into the world so that we might have eternal life through Him.”
I John 4:10 “This is real love – not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son as a sacrifice to take away our sins.”
STAY REFRESHED: Name an activity that makes you feel peace and calm and refreshed after you do it.
Now spend some time this week DOING IT!
Record how you feel after you finish it:
Try and come up with a weekly time you can write down and commit to DOING this activity…__________________________________________________________________________________.
Now, take a moment and ask God to help you stick to this commitment! Keeping ourselves REFRESHED is important to keeping ourselves in God’s Word!
Ask God to help you stick to this commitment no matter where this Summer takes you.
Psalms 1:2
“But they delight in the law of The Lord, meditating on it day and night.”
In order to live out right lives full of wisdom, it is not easy, but it is simple! Stay hydrated with The Living Word of God DAILY!
Enjoy your Sweet Summer Sips my friends as you read God’s Word, and hydrate yourselves physically, as you hydrate yourselves spiritually!
Speak Truth Love

Lemonade N’ Lessons: Week 2


This week I’m drinking my lemon water in a different spot as I take advantage of Summer Days to explore new areas… EVEN WINDY ONES!


It’s Summertime! The days are long and the the sun is bright! As we take the opportunity to “Let Go, and Let God” take control of what we have been holding on too tightly to, we must take hold of God’s Word for it is the KEY to our life!
Take hold of my instructions: don’t let them go. Guard them, for they are the key to life.” Proverbs 4:13
A key is what unlocks something that is locked and prohibiting us from entering.
A key affords our means of access. It is something that secures or controls entrance to a place.
A key is something that affords a means of clarifying a problem. It can be the system, the method or pattern to decode or “unlock” that which we could not unlock on our own.
Without the “KEY”, we remain  captive to the worries, anxieties, fears, and yes, even the schedules, that hold us captive.
So, let’s turn the key, and enter into the peace and promise that God offers when we “take hold of His teachings.”
What is it that you find hard to let go of? Is there something that you are hanging on so tightly to, that it now has a grip on you?
And while that ‘thing” you find virtually impossible to let go of has a hold on you so strong you can’t let go, is there something vital to your life that you barely have a grip on?
This destructive pattern seems to be the way the majority of us live. We hold so tightly to what we are comfortable with, to what makes us feel good, and to what we can control. The problem with that is, much of the time those elements are worry, schedules, anxiety, fear, and phobias.
These words may sound “clinical”, but they come in all shapes and sizes!
Worry-worrying about something we cannot change or fix. Our sure source of freedom from worry is PRAYER! It may not produce the outcome we immediately desire, but it does produce peace, the kind of peace that we do not understand.
Schedules? It’s Summer, remember! Are we continuing to allow our schedules to dictate the way we spend our days, hours or even minutes? Summer offers warmer, longer days. Take advantage of eating dinner outside. Take a long evening walk while the sun sets. Visit a nearby park and walk quietly through God’s creation while silently thanking Him for it. Don’t allow your regular schedule to stop you from taking a break in your routine.
Anxieties-allowing stress to overtake our bodies. When you feel anxious, take a deep breath and slowly let it out. With each exhale thank God for something good in your life. The shift may pleasantly surprise you and bring you a peace and calm.
Fears and phobias, they will immobilize you if you let them. Use this Summer as an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Maybe a new class at the gym, or maybe sign up for an art class or a cooking class. Try an online class in a subject that interests you or join a new Bible study group. Take a drive to a new location and try a new food.
You will be surprised at how each new experience will develop strength and courage in your character.
Letting Go of destructive patterns are good and healthy for us, but they must be replaced with something positive.
When we “let go and let God”, we must take hold of His teachings!
Read and write Proverbs 4:13 below:
Now read the entire chapter of Proverbs 4. Read it through slowly and carefully one time, then read it a second time and record below all of the “WISE ADVICE” the Father is speaking to His child.
You are that child friend! Your Heavenly Father is speaking His love, truth and direction to you!
It is the KEY to living your life!
Now soak up the sweet days of Summer while sipping your “lemonade,” and let go of everything that holds you captive and ties you down. But remember to also take a firm hold of God’s word and His instructions to you!
You are dearly loved child of God!
Speak Truth Love