SHE’S A WOMAN: My Grandmother


Lela was my…Grandmother!

Everyone deserves to have a grandmother like mine! It was not that she took me to Disneyland every day, or took me shopping whenever we were together, or took me on extravagant vacations, or bought me anything and everything my heart desired.


She gave me what money can’t buy…THE EXAMPLE OF CHRIST-LIKE LIVING!  

She spent as much time with me as she physically could. She lived in Arizona and I lived in Northern California. She visited every Christmas and brought me to her house each Summer. I grew up going to Summer Bible Camp and Vacation Bible School at her house each year. I sat beside her as she taught Sunday School with a flannel graph board and poster sized pictures of all the Bible heroes. I stood on a stool next to her as she taught me to bake cookies and cakes. I propped myself up on a dining room chair and watched her make breakfast, lunch and dinner. I attended church with her on Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday night, when I was with her. I helped prepare the jello salad or dessert we placed into the Tupperware dish with her last name printed on the bottom, written over scotch tape, SWITTER!

I went to the grocery store with her as she greeted every worker from the outside to the inside and they greeted her back. I drove to the post office with her as she walked each letter to be mailed inside. Every employee greeted her by name. She brightened the whole place with her smile! I accompanied her to her Women’s Bible Study and listened as she read from her Bible. I walked into the drug store around the corner with her as person after person yelled out her name. I sat close by as she and my grandfather would finish dinner on Saturday night, clean up the dishes and then fill out their offering envelope and place their giving check inside. I witnessed her dress beautifully for church and wear her black patent leather high heels from September through March, and her white patent leather high heels from April through August. I listened as she answered phone calls and spoke words of encouragement and prayers of blessing over the caller. I watched as she served ‘Meals on Wheels’ to shut-ins, and followed her into nursing homes as she visited those inside. I ate the dozens of Christmas cookies she baked and brought to her family each Christmas. I opened the presents she wrapped in festive wrapping paper and wore the dresses she made me each and every year. 

She led me in prayers, taught me to read, and trust the word of God, told me to shine my light for Jesus and know that I was beautiful because He created me!

My grandmother, by the life she lived, gave me the most valuable gift available on this earth,

to live my life every single day that I have breath, for JESUS!

She taught me life giving lessons when she told me to begin each and every day saying,

This is the day The Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.  Psalm 118:24

She would also tell me,

“Always forgive, even if the person is not deserving, because Jesus forgave you!”

She loved bigger than any person I have ever known, because she loved JESUS first and others next!

No book, sermon or lecture has taught me half as much as the life my grandmother lived has taught me. She did not tell me how to love Jesus, she showed me how to love Jesus!

To this day, she was my angel on earth, who now is my angel in heaven who waits for me.

I live my life for Jesus because she showed me how!

In the Bible we read about a young man who began his ministry early at the young age of 18 because of the godly influence of his mother and grandmother.

Timothy was filled with the same strong faith as his grandmother, Lois, and his mother, Eunice.

I remember your genuine faith, for you share the faith that first filled your grandmother, Lois and your mother, Eunice. And I know that same faith continues strong in you.                                                          2 Timothy 1:5

Women, Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunts, Cousins, Friends…we have a life-altering opportunity to set a Christ-like example for all those around us to follow.

As Mother’s Day approaches, their is no greater legacy that we can celebrate or set, than a legacy of following Jesus and loving His people!

My grandmother set the greatest example of all for me at her funeral.

I did not want to go to the funeral home because I wanted to keep my memories of her “alive and vibrant.” But God knew I needed to be at that funeral home.

I sat outside the viewing area in the lobby.  I was alone, and I watched the postman come in and walk into the viewing room, followed by the drugstore worker, and the lad at the grocery store. The streams and streams of children poured in that she taught in Sunday school and countless others from her community. She had touched all of their lives and they wanted to pay her respect!

Truth was, she had shown them JESUS, and their lives were impacted!

Lela, Lois and Eunice lived their lives full of Faith pointing other’s to Jesus. We can do the same!

On this Mother’s Day as we honor special women in our lives, LET’S HONOR THEM WELL, THANK THEM FOR THE IMPACT THEY HAVE MADE ON US AND OTHERS and challenge ourselves to be the women who will impact the next Lisa or Timothy!



Grandmothers leave a legacy their grandchildren never outgrow!

Happy Mother’s Day to you friend, whether you are one biologically or have been a Mother to ones who have needed you! We honor and celebrate you, and the Mothers who have gone before us!

Speak Truth Love

SHE’S A WOMAN: My Mother

W O MAN…… I’LL SAY IT AGAIN!  WOMAN!  Remember that song?

How did it go…

“She can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and never let you forget your a man, cause she’s a WOMAN, W O MAN!

Truth is when we hear the word WOMAN spoken our minds often go to icons of that gender. Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie Kennedy, Julia Roberts, and the top of most people’s all time female icons list…Audrey Hepburn.

Truth is, if we could ask each of these woman if they were or are completely pleased with the way they look or the lives they have led chances are they would find fault with themselves in some way!  

Audrey Hepburn for example carried herself with such grace and poise she seemed to float in her 5′ 7″ frame. She looked as though she could have eaten anything she wanted and never gain an ounce. I mean after all she had breakfast at Tiffany’s! Forgive the pun!

However, when interviewed she stated that she always wanted curves and desired to be shorter than she was. She dreamed of a dance career and she was too tall for it at the time.

Seems like we are never satisfied doesn’t it. Worse yet, we play the comparison game.

If I only had her shape I would be content. If I only made money like she does I would have what I need. If I only looked like her I would be happy…and on and on and on it goes!

Comparison is the enemy of Contentment.
I believe God wants us to be content with who He made us to be.

As we get close to the day set aside in our country to honor our Mother’s, I am ever thankful that God put wonderful women in my life.  

I have an incredible Mother and had an incredible Grandmother who set the bar high! They taught me to be proud of being a woman, to be confident in knowing I could do anything I put my mind to, and most of all to feel beautiful and not be ashamed of it.

Both women walked tall with grace and poise. They dressed feminine and classy. They were not embarrassed of who they were. Yet, they both had kindness and humility at their core.

My Mother;

My mother is absolutely beautiful physically!  She has deep round brown eyes and dark brown hair that is anything but mousey! She is perfectly proportioned and carries her frame on broad shoulders. Her legs are still shapely even at her age and her thin ankles still accentuate them.  She always dressed classy but with style. She rivaled Jackie O. in her day! However, none of these striking features are what you notice about her. It is her tender heart, her happy spirit, and her lovely smile that greets you.

My Mom loved everyone she met and loved her four girls even more!  She made holidays special, birthdays spectacular, and summer time off of school an adventure.  She never had a a lot of money but created adventure like nature hikes, library days, art museum visits and baking together to make those long days fun.


What stuck out to me when I was younger and then grown is how many people knew her and admired her at the High School she worked at. My Mom went to work by necessity and ran the attendance office at one of our local High Schools. The students at the High School would beg to help her in her office as their elective class. They just loved being around her!

All of the teachers knew her by name and the coaches would give her free tickets to all of the games! She was a wonderful friend who met needs and she was the best daughter her parents could have had! My Mom never desired to work but did what she needed to do to help provide for her family.


In the Bible there is a woman that I have never heard a sermon preached about.  She was strong, confident and faithful also. When God asked her to accomplish a hard assignment for Him, she did it!

Huldah was married to “the keeper of the kings wardrobe.”  This connected her to the royal court and palace which gave her residency in Jerusalem. She was a prophetess who spoke for God. When King Josiah ruled over Judah the Lord gave Huldah a very difficult message to speak, but she did it…

She said to them, “The Lord, the God of Israel, has spoken! Go back and tell the man who sent you, ‘This is what The Lord says: I am going to bring disaster on this city and its people. All the words written in the scroll that the King of Judah has read will come true. For my people have abandoned me and offered sacrifices to pagan gods, and I am very angry with them…”                     2 Kings 22:14

I LOVE to tell people how much God loves them, but I am not raising my hand to be the one to tell people God is very angry with them and will eventually destroy them!

But Huldah was faithful to God’s call on her life and did not back down even when the assignment was hard!

I am thankful for the example of this woman in my life and for the example of my Mother in my life! They were both strong women used by God to bless others in His name!

God uses women just as He uses men. God uses servants just as He uses masters. God uses the rich just as He uses the poor. God uses natives just as He uses foreigners.

We are all made in God’s image and hold equal value in Him!

I thank God that I have examples in and out of the Bible that knew their worth was of equal value and found in God alone!




Speak Truth Love


I do not know where you thought you would be on this day, April 21st, six weeks ago if I had asked you. I can bet that you would not have told me that you would be quarantined in your home. If you had asked me where I would be, I would have told you that I would be on a jet plane headed for Harare Africa via Dubai! 

Jim and I had planned this mission trip to visit our missionaries there, and speak to as well as encourage the pastors and pastors wives that they work alongside. There was a ‘Pastor’s Conference’ planned and it was to begin only 2 days from now! All the preparations were made, the tickets were bought and the passports were ready! The location for the conference was secured and the topics to be shared selected. We fully expected to have nothing standing in our way. We did not expect a virus to cause the known to become unknown!

There is someone who knew I would not be on that plane even though the tickets were bought. There is someone who knew that the talks Jim and I were preparing would not be spoken at this time. There is someone who knew that while the preparations for the conference were being made it would not take place at this time.


In Jeremiah God speaks to His people through His prophet and tells them that even though they may be in captivity, exiled from their home in Jerusalem to a foreign land, God KNOWS and He has plans for them!  

You see, they would be in captivity for a time, and they would need to persevere and remain faithful. If they did, God had plans for their good, and HOPE for their future. They just needed to trust and pray!

I KNOW the plans I have for you,” says The Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a HOPE.”  In those days when you pray, I will listen. If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.”  Jeremiah 29:11-13

This is not where I planned to be 6 weeks ago! I am guessing it is not where you planned to be either? But knowing that God knew, even when I did not know, gives me confidence to believe HE’S GOT THIS!

I did not expect to be quarantined this long. But I bet the Israelites did not expect to be in captivity for 70 years either!

God is FAITHFUL Friends! If we Trust in His knowing and not our own, and we pray to Him, HE WILL LISTEN!




Speak Truth Love


This Easter Sunday looked like no other Easter Sunday in my lifetime!

At Easter time my mind is usually full of questions of preparation. Preparations for gathering together. 

What will our Easter services be like?

What will I fill the Easter baskets with? 

Do I have enough Easter eggs to hide for the Easter egg hunt with the kids?

What will I wear to church on Easter Sunday? 

What will I cook for Easter dinner? 

How many people will gather together, and will I have all of the ingredients to make it the perfect Easter celebration?

Did I remember to buy all of the toppings so the grandkids can decorate the Easter bunny cake?

Did we order the honey baked ham that is my son-in-law‘s favorite?

And most importantly, do we have enough Martinelli‘s sparkling cider to go around?

After all, I do live in Sonoma County now and Martinelli‘s is right around the corner!

Not one of these Easter questions that have run through my mind on every Easter I’ve been alive on this planet, ran through my head this year!

This year the coronavirus stopped me from gathering at all!

As I sat for a moment in my grief at the loss of gathering and doing the things I am used to doing on Easter, my spirit was checked.

I felt my spirit awakened to the truth that the real Easter is UNSTOPPABLE!

No lack of gathering for Easter services, Easter dinners, Easter baskets, or Easter egg hunts could stop the UNSTOPPABLE resurrection of Jesus Christ!

Not wars, not famine‘s, not earthquakes, not natural disasters, and not viruses can stop our unstoppable God!

Easter DID happen this year my friends! It may have looked different than any other Easter that we have celebrated! But the truth of Easter is an empty grave and victory over death! Our God is unstoppable and if we believe in him we are unstoppable too!

I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it!”  Matthew 16:18

This virus has gone on longer than any of us anticipated. It has caused us to change and adjust many of the ways we do things! But what it should never do is defeat us!  

As one of my favorite Pastors said on Easter Sunday morning, “We should never live in the attitude of defeat asking, ‘what if?’ because we serve a risen Savior, and UNSTOPPABLE God, we should live in the attitude of, ‘even though!’”

Even though I cannot gather at church on Easter Sunday, Jesus has still risen from the dead!

Even though I cannot gather with my extended family and have Easter dinner, my family loves me and I love them!

Even though my Easter baskets and Easter egg hunts may look very different this year, I still celebrate that all things are made new through the resurrection of Jesus Christ!




Things may look very different for a time my friends. But it is temporary!

What lasts forever is Christ’s Victory on the cross! Abuse could not stop Him! Ridicule could not stop Him! Torture could not stop Him! Separation could not stop Him!



And we are UNSTOPPABLE through Him!

Speak Truth Love


I am feeling anything but VICTORIOUS this week as I feel alone and isolated.
My attempts to stay connected to others though Zoom meetings, phone calls, text messages, and Facetime calls, have worked somewhat, but as they end I find myself longing for more!
I have taken on HOME projects that have been neglected for lack of time, but let’s face it, my “empty nest” syndrome has left me with very few of those!  I love my “quiet times” with God and cherish that golden couple of hours in the morning when I sit in solitude and read His Word and hear His voice only!
Problem is, after that life giving time of solitude with God, I NEED PEOPLE!
I started to feel guilty as I wondered what is wrong with me?  I should relish this interrupted period of time in our lives when the “Rat Race,” has come to a screeching halt!  I mean what is wrong with me? I’ve written Blog posts before on the “Craziness of Life.”  Now, here I am, presented with the opportunity to slow down the pace and I find myself craving the race!
But is it the “Race” that I crave? Am I not appreciating this season of slowing down? Am I not taking advantage of the opportunities to reach out to people, encourage them, communicate with them and let them know they are not alone and neither am I? Am I not taking seriously the changes and adaptations we have had to make in our ministry to meet the needs of our people in a different manner? Am I not taking every opportunity I can to read more of God’s Word and His Truth through His Word, additional books and pod casts? Am I not trying new recipes and exercises to keep my health and nutrition at it’s optimal?
The answer to all of theses questions is a resounding YES! I am doing my best to maintain a positive outlook on this unprecedented crisis in our world!  I am trusting in my Savior, Jesus Christ, to give me the strength and endurance to keep my focus on Him and His Word. I am praying as He modeled that, “God’s Will Would Be Done.”  I am calling on Him for His wisdom to adapt and change and meet the needs of the people He has called me to love and minister to.  I am changing up my routine and trying new recipes and exercises.  Yet, I still really miss people!
This week was the hardest week for me through this crisis thus far.  I found myself praying about writing my Blog this week and I was overcome with a sense of gilt and shame.
How can I write on VICTORY when I feel like a failure?
Then Jesus did what only He can do!  He spoke to me in His still small voice…
“I too felt lonely!”
“I too felt sad and unsupported.”
 “I too desired the company of those closest to me.”
I was reading through the book of Luke and there it was, God’s Truth staring me in the face! I have had the practice of reading through the last week of Jesus’ life on Earth in the book of Luke from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday for the last 20 years or so.  And here it was as fresh as the newly baked muffins I pulled out from my oven, Jesus had been alone, grieved(aka sad,) unsupported by people, and desperately sought the company of those closest to Him in His greatest hour of need!
“Then, accompanied by His disciples, Jesus left the upstairs room and went as usual to the Mount of Olives.  There He told them, “Pray that you will not give into temptation…He walked about a stone’s throw away, and knelt down and prayed.”   Luke 22:39, 41
BUT GOD WAS BIGGER!  Through the grief, the loneliness and the pain, JESUS endured the cross and was VICTORIOUS over death!

His VICTORY did not come without sacrifice!
 He endured the loneliness of separation from the people He came to save as they yelled, “Blessings on the King who comes in the name of The Lord!  Peace in heaven, and glory in highest heaven.” Luke 19:38
Then within less than a week their cries turned to, “Kill Him, and release Barabbas to us!” Luke 23:18
He endured the loneliness of separation from those closest to Him as He prayed pleading prayers to God!  “At last He stood up again and returned to the disciples, only to find them asleep, and exhausted from grief.”  Luke 22:45
And finally, Jesus not only endured the pain and suffering of excruciating torture and death by crucifixion, but the worst kind of loneliness, separation from God Himself!
“By this time it was about noon, and darkness fell across the whole land until three o’clock. The light from the sun was gone. And suddenly, the curtain in the sanctuary of the Temple was torn down the middle. Then Jesus shouted, “Father, I entrust my spirit into your hands!”  And with those words He breathed His last.”    Luke 23:44-46
Jesus felt the loneliness of separation from people, close friends and even God Himself!
He was sad, disappointed and even grieved.  Yet it did not stop Him from being VICTORIOUS!
easter truth bomb
As we celebrate Easter this year and it looks “different” than we have ever experienced it before,  REMEMBER, GOD IS BIGGER than the Corona Virus!
God is Bigger than our separation and isolation!
God is BIGGER than anything we face now or will ever face, and the empty grave proves it!
“Why are you looking among the dead for someone who is alive? 
Speak Truth Love


Just hours before His arrest Jesus prayed the most selfless prayer of all.  Knowing what lied ahead of Him, He asks the Father to remove this suffering from Him if at all possible.

That doesn’t seem too selfish does it?  I mean how many of us have asked the question, “Could it be done another way?”  Or made the statement, “I’m willing, but I would love to consider an alternative.”

Jesus knew the pain and suffering He was about to endure.  He was after all, God.  But while being fully God, He was also fully human.  Meaning, not only did He know the pain ahead of Him, He knew He would feel it at its’ fullest.

Yet, out of His LOVE for the Father and for us, He submitted His will, to the will of the Father!



This High Priest of ours(Jesus), understands our weaknesses, for He faced all of the same testings we do, yet He did not sin.”             Hebrews 4:15

As we begin another week of social distancing, isolation and having our schedules and lives interrupted at best and possibly turned upside down, isn’t it wonderful and reassuring to know we have a Savior who loves us selflessly and was willing to endure the pain and suffering of the cross for us?

Just a few short months ago my feet were walking though the very garden Jesus walked on His way to the cross.  A garden He had walked in many, many times before!

I noticed as I walked through it that it is positioned on a hill overlooking the city of Jerusalem. I could imagine my selfless Savior stepping down the same dusty path,  stumbling over the same rocks, and positioning Himself under the shade of one of these same olive trees, as He prayed to His Father for the people He loved so dearly, people like me and people like you.

Jesus understands our frustrations, our fears, our anger, our pain and every other emotion we experience. Yet He remained selfless and went to the cross for you and for me!




Speak Truth Love


One week into ISOLATION and how are you doing?  Are you stocked up on toilet paper, bread,  and eggs? When you open your refrigerator or pantry door, do you breathe a sigh of relief, or take in a gasp of air as you realize your supply is running low?  Are you cherishing this slowed down pace, or are you ready to pull your hair out because of it?

And what about WATER?  Were you able to pick up a case of bottled water at the grocery store? Or, did you, like me, watch the cart pass you by as it pushed it’s way out of the store with 12 cases of the last water the store had available?

What causes the eggs and toilet paper to disappear off of the shelves? What makes the bread racks empty after years of excess bread becoming outdated and ending up at the food banks?

And why would we suddenly be out of bottled water when most of us live in counties that typically want to shoot us for drinking from a plastic bottle?

FEAR! That’s what!

Sure, we can say that it’s not really FEAR, it’s just common sense and common decency.

We are stocking up to make sure we have enough for our time of isolation. And we are being decent to those around us by being well-supplied so that we stay isolated and do not leave our homes.

But is that really the reason? Do common sense and common decency cause us to panic and hoard?  No!  The truth is,FEAR does!

I am not going to lie that this is not a scary, weird time. It is typical for us to face a frightening, unknown situation like this and be fearful!  But do we allow that fear to turn into panic or TRUST?  


I love this quote. We all face fearful situations in life. At times they can even feel life-threatening like an unknown virus…like the Corona Virus we are facing.  

FEAR is a normal human response.  We are faced with something unknown that we cannot control and our lives are turned topsy turvey!  We are fearful.

It is what that fear does to our trust in God that matters!

Do we allow our fear to tear down our trust in God and send us rushing to the store in a panic to buy up the last of the toilet paper and water? Or do we allow the fear to fade into  TRUST in our powerful faithful God?

Hezekiah was a godly King who did what was pleasing in The Lord’s sight! Hezekiah was human just like you and I. He was the King of Judah in Jerusalem when the powerful Assyrian army was threatening and conquering all of the surrounding territories.   

He had to have been fearful as he looked around at his world and saw what was happening. Just like you and I are today! His response both assures us and challenges us.

Hezekiah’s TRUST in God was tested and he initially gave in to that fear and paid the “tribute money” demanded by the Assyrian leader. He even used the silver stored in the Temple of The Lord to pay it!  His fear overtook him and he lost his trust in God.

Soon, Hezekiah’s trust in God was tested even further!

The Assyrian King threatened to shut off the water supply to Hezekiah and his people!

He said they would be so thirsty and so hungry that it would cause the people to revolt against Hezikiah.

Sound familiar? Not enough water!  Water is essential to our very life. Nothing grows without it. When we do not grow food, when we do not drink, we die!

Recently, on my trip to Israel I visited Caesarea. There we visited the ancient tunnels and arches used as water ways to bring the water from it’s source to the king!


Water is essential to all life!  We cannot live without it!  Both of these ancient kings were living in the desert. Their water ways were vital to their very lives!

King Hezekiah was being threatened with the lives of his people and himself! His water source would be cut off.  Life would cease!

As his trust was tested by fear, his trust grew in the only true life source, God Himself!

Hezekiah turned to God, prayed, and pleaded with Him as he trusted in the power and faithfulness of God.  His fear turned to Trust!  God saved them from the hand of the Assyrians!




We have a King today, we are not alone in this crisis! While many days living through it may bring fear, may those days be fleeting as we TRUST IN THE LORD OUR GOD, OUR KING OF KINGS!

The King of Kings, Jesus, went to the cross and conquered death to bring living water to you and me! His supply never runs dry and can never be cut off!




Speak Truth Love

40 Days to Passion-Week 4

UNSTOPPABLE, that is what our God is! Something that cannot be surpassed, stopped or beat!

We wake up today with a new reality. I am not going to call it a “new normal,” because nothing about it feels normal!

We are not supposed to go to work places, we are not supposed to go to school, we are not supposed to go to restaurants, we are not supposed to go to the movie theater, we are not supposed to go to the shopping malls, we are not supposed to go to church…We are being told not to “GATHER!” Last night on our drive home we were listening to a book online. Suddenly, a horribly loud shrill sound came screeching through our phone! Certain counties were being told to stay inside their homes and not go out! The Crisis had reached a pinnacle!

So what happens when we are told to STOP?

Whether it is a virus that is trying to stop us, or fear that is trying to stop us, or negativity that’s trying to stop us, or rejection that’s trying to stop us, or insecurity that’s trying to stop us, or any other issue on the face of this earth…we look to our UNSTOPPABLE God!

On my recent trip to Israel I was “stopped in my tracks,” as I witnessed faithful Jewish believers at The Western Wall.

It is commonly referred to as the Wailing Wall. Daily, and for hours on end, Jewish men and women, separated on different sides, pray repetitively over and over and over again, even nodding their heads up and down as to not lose focus, for God to hear their prayers and answer their prayers!


They are praying to an UNSTOPPABLE God! Through thousands of years of persecution, rejection, slavery and war, the people look and pray to an UNSTOPPABLE GOD!


When we are faced with “new realities,“ are we praying harder than ever to our UNSTOPPABLE God? Are we looking to new ways to gather together because our God won’t be stopped?

I am not going to lie! My heart and spirit was grieved and sad this past Sunday when churches had to close their doors and we could not gather together in physical proximity!

But I was encouraged and uplifted when my God proved Himself UNSTOPPABLE!

Church leaders from all over the world prayed to our UNSTOPPABLE God and found creative and alternative ways to bring us all together! Church leaders prayed fervently and worked tirelessly to provide a myriad of online opportunities to allow us to “gather“ together. And God proved Himself UNSTOPPABLE! The number of people “gathering“ online doubled, tripled, and even quadrupled!

Friends, we serve an UNSTOPPABLE GOD! We must not STOP trusting Him, praying to Him and looking for ways to continue being The Church of our UNSTOPPABLE GOD!

As I placed my hand on that wailing wall and touched the very spot that millions of faithful believers have touched and prayed to our UNSTOPPABLE GOD at, I was alone! I was not in my home church folding my hands and listening to an eloquent prayer being shared. I was not in my home church sitting side-by-side with my fellow believers. I was not in my home church listening to my favorite pastor preach the Truth of God’s Word. I was not in my home church raising my hands in worship as I sang along with the worship team. No, I was with thousands, maybe billions of faithful followers of God in my spirit and heart, lifting up prayers to our UNSTOPPABLE GOD!

Then if My people who are called by My name Will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

This verse comes in response to King Solomon dedicating the Temple of God. The very stones that were laid that still mark the spot of the western wall in Jerusalem today!

God’s people cried out…

He is good! His faithful love endures forever!” 2 Chronicles 7:3

Thousands of years prove God‘s faithfulness and His goodness to his people!

Let’s follow Daniel’s example as He prays for God’s deliverance and walks out of the Lion’s den unharmed!

Let’s follow Nehemiah’s example as He prays through discouragement and persecution and rebuilds the Temple of God!

Let’s follow the example of our modern day church leaders as they pray faithfully, demonstrate God’s love to one another by “social distancing,” and gather together in creative and alternative ways, to love and serve our UNSTOPPABLE GOD!

Week 4-‘Jesus is UNSTOPPABLE in conquering death!’

Most importantly, let’s follow the example of Jesus! Our God is so unstoppable that nothing could stop him from conquering death!





Never stop praying my friends! He will heal our land!

Speak Truth Love


I am obsessed with coffee! Not just a little bit but a WHOLE LOT! I like it strong and I like it unsweetened! I love the flavor and I love waking up to the thought of it! I get out of bed much happier and with a bit of a jump in my step, knowing that the hot, decedent, brew awaits me downstairs!

My husband challenged me last week on the word ‘LOVE.”  His opinion was that it is highly overused! And while I agree, it does not even come close to describing the depth of my passion for coffee!

The fact is, I love the flavor and the warm feeling of it going down my throat, but coffee is more than a yummy warm beverage to me. 

I have shared before that I am not a “crack of dawn” morning person. My coffee helps me get up and go downstairs!  My frother has made it even more delectable!  My coffee is also a help to me in not overeating.

I have an obsession with food and the way it makes me feel. AKA, I am an emotional eater!

When I am sad and when I am happy, when I am lonely or when I am overwhelmed. It does not matter. Coffee is a healthier alternative to eating sweets!

Bottom line, I am obsessed with coffee!

And to answer my husband’s question, YES, I LOVE it!

Just to prove my obsession with coffee, this is what it looks like on my desk right now as I’m writing this!


But to give him credit…Do I love it like I love him?  NO!  Do I love it like I love my children? NO! Do I love it like I love my grandchildren? NO EVEN  CLOSE! And the most important question of all, do I love it like I love JESUS?  My quick reply is NO!  But the true reflection of my love is answered in the time I spend with Jesus, verses the time I spend drinking coffee!

Am I obsessed with Jesus? Does spending time with Him come before everything else in my life? Do I go to church or attend Bible study when it is convenient and nothing else is getting in the way? Or, do I go to church and Bible study first, before any other activity in my life?

The answer too much of the time is also, NO!


Thank God Jesus was so OBSESSED with me that I was His primary thought on His way to the cross!


When I walked down the Via Dolorosa, this past November, I passed a Israel Starbucks!  It was not authentic, but it was real coffee! As we walked step by step down the ‘Way of Suffering,’ we hit the coffee spot about half way through. I wanted to STOP!  Unfortunately, no one else seemed to share my obsession for coffee, regardless of what kind. So we kept walking!  I was thankful that others were more obsessed with the journey ahead than I was. 

Truth Bomb


Jesus was so obsessed with you and me that it took him to the cross!

I want my obsession with Jesus to be greater than any obsession in my life!

Ultimately, I was thankful that Jesus, when He walked this path of suffering that lead Him to His death on a cross over 2000 years ago, was so obsessed with me that He never stopped!

Jesus was so obsessed with you and me that it took him to the cross!

Speak Truth Love


As I walked where Jesus walked, and took each step down the ‘Via Dolorosa’, or

‘The Way of Suffering’, I was distracted from all sides!

On one side of me were several religious groups trying to focus on each station of the cross as they literally picked up a cross and carried it as they walked. On the other side of me were Vendors and Store Merchants crying out to come shop in their shop to get the best deal. They hung items for sale in every brilliant color and gems dangled and glistened in the light. I struggled as I tried to keep my focus on Jesus, stepping where He stepped, praying as He must have prayed for the Father to be with Him, but the distractions were GREAT!


That scarf over there would be perfect to take home to my mom and sisters! I have always wanted a carved nativity from Jerusalem! A cross necklace would be a great reminder of my trip to Israel! And then there were those shirts! So many of them and each one beckoned to be read and snickered at! They even caught my husbands attention and tickled his funny bone!


Everything around me was doing it’s best to distract and entice me away from my FOCUS!

I was struggling to stay the course, walk where He walked and speak to Him silently in thankfulness and gratitude for His sacrifice for me.

Week Two-Jesus maintains His focus

My heart was pierced with the truth that JESUS MAINTAINED HIS FOCUS!  Through the cruel treatment, the ridicule, the pain, the torture, HE STAYED THE  COURSE OF THE CROSS.

Do I?  Have I stuck to my commitment for Lent?  Or have I allowed the distractions and enticements that surround me on a daily basis to take my eyes off Jesus?

Jesus maintained His focus and went to the cross out of His love for me. Iwant to keep my focus on Him during this Lenten season and there is only one way to do that!  I must fix my eyes on Jesus!





Maintaining our focus in a world full of distractions is not an easy thing to do! But if we fix our eyes on Jesus and look to Him as our source of strength, there is nothing we cannot do!

Through this second week of Lent, let’s thank Jesus for maintaining His focus all the way to the cross. And let’s ask Him to help us keep our eyes fixed on Him as we journey through these 40 days of Lent!

Stay focused my friends!  He is worthy!

Speak Truth Love