On Christmas morning do you like opening the biggest present under the tree or does your eye get drawn to the smallest one you can see? 

When it’s your birthday and everyone begins singing that familiar chorus, do you wait with anticipation for a large wrapped gift or a beautiful small box with a tiny ribbon around it?

We tend to believe that the bigger the box the better the gift. But that is not always the case. Sure, a big box can hold a wonderful gift, but often a small box contains a treasure of great value!

Miracles come in all sizes too! I must admit, that most of the time I only ask God for the big miracles. They seem to be on my prayer list for months and years at a time! I think I just assume that God only wants to deal with the big stuff.

This week however, God surprised me with a miracle that would fit into a small beautiful box!

If you read last weeks blog you know that my husband turned 60! We love him so much and wanted to celebrate him BIG! We had been planning for months to surprise him with a ski trip to our favorite place, Lake Tahoe! 

His kids were going to fly in, we had reservations at our favorite sushi restaurant to surprise him, and we would head up the mountain!  It was March and the roads should be clear and easy to travel. Everything had been put into place, tickets were purchased, reservations were made and we were anticipating the joy of celebrating him for a full month ahead of time. Surely the constant rain and snow we had experienced for the last two months would stop! 

As the time drew near, I nervously kept checking my weather app! It kept showing rain and snow. We kept praying and praying and praying! We were asking God for a break in the weather to be able to celebrate and honor the man we love so much.

Two days before we were ready to leave the weather app showed partly cloudy on Wednesday and sunny on Thursday! We would be traveling up the mountain on Wednesday and skiing on Thursday. We headed toward the mountains and kept praying!

In Lake Tahoe it had been snowing for weeks on end! There was so much snow that even as they tried to remove it, there was no place to put it! Highway 80 is the one we would be traveling. It was closed half day on Wednesday and opened up as we approached it! We made it through to our hotel. The mountain we were skiing had been closed that entire day! Thursday morning we woke to sunshine and the mountain was re-opened! We skied a beautiful ski day together on Jim’s actual birthday! The following day we made it down the mountain with partly cloudy weather. We arrived home safe and sound and realized that God had given us a miracle wrapped in a beautiful small box!

As I spent my quiet time with God that next morning, I was struck by the obvious truth that he had given us a small miracle. The rain began to pour again that day and the snow began to fall again in the mountains! As I praised him for this beautiful miracle of time spent together that he gave us, I thought about the big miracles that I had been praying for for over a year!

In that still small voice that only God speaks in, He reminded me that all miracles come from Him! He had blessed me with this small miracle to remind me that HE is still with me in the waiting for the big ones!



Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not depend on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and He will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6

Are you always grabbing for the big box to open, or are you willing to take hold of the small boxes that God sends your way? 

It may very well be, that God has sent you a small miracle, beautifully wrapped in a box of His love and caring and affirmation to keep you holding on and wait for the bigger miracle just around the corner.

After all, only God can give a miracle and every size holds as great an importance as another!

Speak Truth Love


  1. Good one! I’m tracking with this truth you threw down today! Believing because I have seen and received both small and large and everything in between from The Giver!


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