When you hear the word CLEANING most of us want to run the other way!

There is NO way to spell fun in the word CLEAN! It is, for lack of a better term, “a necessary evil.”  In order to live a healthy life and not be overcome by dust, molds and mildews, we must CLEAN!

Now, before I lose those of you who know me REALLY WELL, I must explain…

It is believed among my closest friends and relatives that I “love to clean!’ That is not the case.

I love CLEAN! In order to get the CLEAN that I desire, I must CLEAN!

It also makes perfect sense that the three most common pile-ups of dirt in our homes are dust, mold and mildew and I am allergic to all three! Could that be the reason I work so hard to keep them out of my house?! Just Sayin!However, my obsession with CLEAN is a Blog series for another time!

Spring Cleaning by definition is “the practice of thoroughly cleaning a house or living space, in the springtime.”  The practice of Spring Cleaning became popular in climates with cold winters. The dust collects as the heater and fire place roars! Thus, the need to clean in the spring becomes necessary to get rid of the unwanted excess dirt.

Spring Cleaning today is more commonly used to “declutter, organize and simplify!”

No matter what our motivation is for Spring Cleaning, the need to CLEAN is vital in not just our physical lives, but most importantly, our Spiritual lives!

Take a look at the definition of CLEAN….

“Free from dirt, unsoiled, unstained. Free from foreign or extraneous matter. Free from pollution, unadulterated, pure. Free from defects or flaws; characterized by a fresh, wholesome quality, complete, unqualified, morally pure, innocent, upright, and honorable.”

Did you catch the repeated phrase in the definition of CLEAN?


Friends, our goal here is to be FREE FROM! Free from what you ask?  FREE FROM anything that pollutes, corrupts, clutters, stains, soils, or keeps us distracted with foreign or extraneous matter. AKA: garbage we do not need!

Finally, Sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable- if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.”     Philippians 4:8

So, now that we have answered the question of what, the bigger question is how?

The list is long and daunting! We can feel overwhelmed and quit before we start.

But just like ‘Spring Cleaning’ our homes, it can be done if we take it one room at a time!

I propose a Spiritual Detox, a “Spring Cleaning” if you will, of the heart, mind and soul.

I am going to write a SPIRITUAL DETOX series throughout the Summer. If you are willing to go on it with me, I believe we will be cleaner by the end of the Summer than the beginning of it. I also believe that we cannot successfully complete this detox on our own. But, I believe that with God’s strength WE CAN DO IT!

Truth Bomb


To be spiritually “free from,” impurities we must clean out what pollutes!

Will you take the challenge with me? Will you commit to meeting me here each Tuesday of the Summer and take one step closer to living that Philippians 4:8 lifestyle?

I have done many physical detox’s in my life. Some with great success, and some with failed results. I have recently begun a new physical detox that I have prayed about and hope will help me sustain a healthy lifestyle as I age. If I am willing to make the physical and financial sacrifice to do a physical detox, how could I not make the far more important commitment of a Spiritual Detox?  I should and I am! 

My prayer is that you will take it with me so that we can encourage each other along the way. Detox’s are hard! We feel withdrawals physically as we replace unhealthy food choices with healthy food choices. You can believe we will feel spiritual withdrawals as well, as we clean out the old bad habits and replace them with the healthy good habits.

Are you in? I pray that you will pray about it and meet me back here next week as we begin our Spiritual Detox to become the person that God created us to be from the inside out!

Speak Truth Love


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