Fearless & Flourishing: Week 5


So NEVER be ashamed to tell others about our LORD. And don’t be ashamed of me, either, even though I’m in prison for Him. With the strength God gives you, be ready to suffer with me for the sake of the Good News.” II Timothy 1:8


Today is TRUTH BOMB TUESDAY, and I came very close to not writing today’s Blog!
I actually, came very close to quitting my Blog altogether! However, God woke me up early on this Truth Bomb Tuesday, and told me to “JUST DO IT!”

Now I know that is a NIKE theme, that the company has made millions off of it. And, I am a NIKE fan! I run in their shoes, I ski in their warm but flexible outerwear. But the feeling of shame and doubt that came over me the last two days, could not have been overcome by any excellent product NIKE has put out.

As hard as it is for me to share this truth with you, it is the truth. I am typically an upbeat, positive, energetic person. I seriously believe that is just the way God made me. I don’t believe it’s the “right” way to be, or the “only” way to be. I would never teach anyone else to be that way or preach that anyone should be that way. It is simply just the way God made me.

My mom used to tell me that she would go into my crib in the morning to pick me up, and I would be standing there shaking the rail of the crib with a big smile on my face, ready to get out. I loved the fact that it was morning, and a new day. The love of my life, loves to say that “I am so positive that I am not realistic.” While I may not agree with his assessment, I do agree that I tend to walk on the “Bright Side of Life.” I’m fairly confident that if you asked my children what one word would they use to describe me, that one word would fall somewhere in the realm of positive. Much of the time to their great frustration at “tying to get the best of me!”

But yesterday something happened. It was no great act of discouragement, no one yelled at me or sent me a nasty note, alougth it would not have been the first time. No catastrophic accident took place, there was no financial crisis or family emergency, I just simply felt ashamed.
I can’t put my finger on it, but it overtook me. I read every scripture I could get my hands on. I listened to every devotional I could find on my phone. I even tuned in to a wonderful webinar and listened to encouraging women in Christian leadership. It didn’t matter, my sense of shame only grew stronger. I felt, in the words I wrote to my manager, (my daughter), “that I was not going to write my Blog anymore, that there is plenty of good quality stuff out there, and thousands of people listen to it.”

I had gone down the dark path of ‘COMPARISON’, and shame had begun to creep into my heart. It didn’t matter what encouraging words she wrote me. It didn’t matter what Truth from God’s Word my husband spoke over me, SHAME was winning the day! I gave up, I quit, and I went to bed!

Oh, I gave effort to combat the shame. I opened my Blog page and looked for comments on my last post, there were none. I prayed and ask God to take this feeling away and show me what He wanted me to do. I was too caught up in my shame and comparison game to hear Him. I sat on the couch alone and discouraged and opened up His Word. A word faced me, I thought the word was LOVE, but as I began to trace the word with my pen, I realized the word was LORD!


Now you probably are thinking, that did it, HE IS LORD, I am NOT, and that turned me around!
NO, it did not!

As embarrassing as it is to admit, that propelled my SHAME into self-pity. Oh, how I HATE self-pity! But I was deep in it! I left my Bible open to that word, and went to bed, feeling completely ASHAMED!

Then, early this morning God woke me up, and said “JUST DO IT!” And this incredible truth came to my mind…Self-discipline is knowing the right thing to do, and doing it! Self-discipline is also knowing the wrong thing to do, and not doing it! And, more importantly,
It was right there in front of me before I went to bed, LORD, but my eyes were so clouded with self-shame, that I could not see it clearly.

The verse finishes with;
“and don’t be ASHAMED of me either, even if I am in prison for Him. With the strength God gives you, be ready to suffer with me for the sake of the GOOD NEWS.”

The GOOD NEWS is the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ. It is the Truth of His death, burial, and resurrection, it is the only TRUTH worth proclaiming! It is the only Truth that will stand the test of time! It is the only Truth that will heal the brokenhearted, rescue those in slavery, give strength to the weary and take away our shame!


SO, JUST DO IT! Use whatever personality, character and gifts He has given you, to proclaim His Truth through your life in whatever place He has put you in!

The God who turned an entire mountain range from dirty brown, to glistening white, in less than twelve hours, can take away your shame, my shame, your doubts and fears, my doubts and fears, and take us out of the ‘Comparison Game’, and put us back in the ‘Good News Game.’

By whatever means God has given you, NEVER BE ASHAMED OF THE GOSPEL, it is the ONLY POWER TO SAVE!

I love you, respect you, thank God for you, and will see you back here next TUESDAY!

Speak Truth Love

12 thoughts on “Fearless & Flourishing: Week 5

  1. Dearest Lisa! I am so glad that you did not give up! I need and look forward to Tuesdays when I feel I get to connect with you through your Blog. I would miss it, I would miss you and the truth that you always share. You know I suffer with shame and often find myself drown in self pity which leaves me ineffective for God. He does not want that from me or from you. We just need to keep getting back up, and do the next best thing when given the choice. One step at a time. You shared this verse with me on text this week. The Lord says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.” Psalm 32:8 I’m trusting as I stay the course in obedience that God has paved out the road He wants me on. Stay on your road too Lisa!

    Thank you for encouraging me constantly through your Blog and texts. We are in this together until Jesus comes…like you always lovingly remind me. Step by step and day by day. Love and miss you.

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    1. I love you Friend! Thank you for your words of Truth and encouragement! I would not want to walk through this life without you! I am so glad God has us in this together, until He returns or calls us HOME!!!! You Bless me beyond measure! I am so proud of you! Love you, Lisa


  2. Lisa, When I think of you, the word JOY pops up every time in my mind. I love your JOY and the LIGHT that you bring into every room with your love for God, love for your family, love for PEOPLE! You’re amazing and someone that I look to for direction. You did it again today by being YOU! Thank you for your words, unending encouragement and for keeping God real!!!! Love you my friend and I miss you! Love and Hugs! Peg

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    1. Thank you Peggy! Your words mean so very much to me, because you are a true measure of Joy and Love! Your smile is contagious and healing! Your loving, giving heart blesses everyone you are around! Love and miss you VERY MUCH!!! Give love and hugs to your wonderful husband from us!


  3. Never give up, never give in! That enemy of ours deserves no place at the the table, taste and see that the Lord is good! Love you so very much and always look forward to “hearing” from you! XOXO

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  4. I am so proud of you for starting and continuing this blog and VLOG. I admire your strength. God has given you such a wonderful gift to share His word. I look forward to reading these each week. Thank you for being exactly who God made you and sharing that with us. I love you and I thank God for putting you in my life.

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  5. O My Goodness Lisa! This is by far the best blog/vlog to date! You have truly poured out your heart and soul and I see the Lord speaking right through you! How amazing is our God to show you the truth and keep you strong! And how brave of you to admit your shortcomings publicly…it is the true test of how God is at work in you! I could not be more proud of my sister. You are a true inspiration for MY walk with the Lord and keeping ME strong:) I love you and I love the Lord!!!

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  6. Thank you Sister! You have brought tears to my eyes!!! This was a tough week, but GOD IS BIGGER!!!! Thank you for loving me so purely and surely!!!
    I Love You!!!


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